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Cops Corner
East County Wednesday, Jun. 24, 2009 10 years ago

Cops' Corner 06.25.09


June 13

4:27 a.m. — 6700 block of Coyote Ridge Court. Suspicious circumstances. The complainant reported he heard a noise outside his window and looked outside to see two males walking quickly toward a van that was parked beside his house. It was too dark to be able to describe either male. The complainant said he did not see the suspects do anything wrong, but thought they may have been trying to get into one of his side windows. There was no evidence of tampering.

June 10

11 a.m. — 600 block of Country Meadows Way. Theft. The victim reported her medication and checks were stolen. The bank notified the victim that the suspect was attempting to cash a check on the business account. The victim then searched her purse and found two checks and two bottles of medication missing. The suspect is an employee who was house sitting.

June 12

12:40 p.m. — 3600 block of 36th Street East. Theft. The complainant has a workshop in his backyard. He went in to his shop, which is packed with tools, to get his cordless drill. He could not locate it and believes it was stolen because he has not been out there. The tool is valued at $150.

June 10

9:30 p.m. — Lighthouse Drive at Cape Harbour Loop. Possession of marijuana. The officer stopped the vehicle for not having a tag light. When the officer approached the vehicle, he smelled marijuana. When asked, the defendant said he did not have any marijuana and agreed to a search of the vehicle. The officer found a gag of marijuana in the suspect’s left shoe.

June 12

10 a.m. — 5500 block of Lakewood Ranch Boulevard. Criminal mischief. Between June 4-5, unknown subject(s) broke about 12 sprinkler heads that were located on Lakewood Ranch High’s practice football field. The subject(s) struck the sprinkler heads with an unknown object and fled in an unknown direction. Damages are estimated at $200.

June 10

7:10 a.m. — 800 block of 133rd Street East. Vehicle burglary. Suspect(s) busted out the passenger window and entered the victim’s truck. The interior was rummaged thorugh and the victim’s iPod was stolen.

June 11

9:40 a.m. — 7900 block of Verna Bethany Road. Grand theft. The victim hired a moving company to move her belongings to Bradenton. The workers showed up on June 4 and began moving items. Later, the victim noticed that a pear-shaped diamond ring was missing from her jewelry box. When asked, the workers said they had not seen the ring and denied knowing about it. The victim moved to her new home and a week later reported the crime.

June 10

7:01 p.m. — 6200 block of State Road 64 East. Retail Theft (Wal-Mart). Retail theft. The individual entered the store and selected multiple items from the rack and shelves. The individual then proceeded to another department in the store and removed the items from the hangers and concealed them in a bag that was brought into the store. The suspect then went to the self-checkout lane and purchased some of the times, but failed to pay for the concealed items. The loss prevention officer detained the individual after exiting the store. Stolen items were valued at $97.36.

June 11
2:20 p.m. — 6500 block of State Road 64 East. Petit theft. Two unknown suspects entered the location to buy a reflector for a trailer. When the suspects went to pay for the item, one of them dropped the change on the ground. The cash register drawer was open when the sales representative bent down to help pick up the change. Once the two suspects had left, the sales representative checked his register and noticed that $110 was missing.
10:17 p.m. — 6500 block of S.R. 64 East (Burger King). Uttering forged checks. The manager stated she was paid with a $20 bill, which was tested by the pen test to be counterfeit. The customer immediately handed her another bill, which tested good. The manager called for a report and kept the bill for evidence. The subject provided a statement and his information.
11:30 p.m. — 8700 block of State Road 70 East (Hess). Information. The complainant stopped at the gas station and placed her wallet on the fuel pump and drove away. At home, she realized it and drove back to the gas station, but the wallet was already gone.

June 14
8:31 p.m. — 1300 block of University Parkway (Security Storage). Vehicle burglary. Unknown person(s) entered the fenced in storage area and gained entry into the victim’s motor home and ransacked it.

June 13

11:54 a.m. — 10100 block of Glenmore Avenue. Burglary. Unknown person(s) entered the open garage and stole the victim’s generator. A repairman was working on the victim’s refrigerator inside the house and his van was in the victim’s driveway. The repairman made several trips to his van and no one was seen. The officer removed finger prints from the said of the victim’s vehicle that was next to the generator.
Noon — 7100 block of Dornough Lane. Burglary. Unknown person(s) entered the vacant home through an unlocked window. Person(s) then stole a washing machine from the residence.

June 12

8:30 a.m. — 4500 block of Sabal Key Drive. Vehicle burglaries. Several homeowners reported items were stolen from their unlocked vehicles.

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