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Cops Corner
East County Wednesday, Jun. 9, 2010 7 years ago

Cops Corner 06.10.10


The following information was gathered from incident and arrest reports obtained from the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

Reported May 25
11:38 a.m.
— 6300 block of 95th Street East. Stolen trailer. Unknown person(s) reportedly stole the victim’s trailer. The trailer was parked with the tongue pointing away from the driveway. The trailer was chained through the wheel, and there was a hitch lock on the trailer. The person(s) brought a jack with them and used it to raise the trailer. The person(s) also left a hitch receiver pin in the grass.

Reported May 25
9:25 a.m.
— 7800 block of Cooper Creek Boulevard. Criminal mischief. The complainant reported an unknown person cut a chain link fence surrounding University Place Park, which is owned by the county. About a 10-foot section of the chain was cut and bent to the point that it could not be used. The section will have to be replaced at a cost of about $200.

Reported May 23
2:47 p.m.
— 14500 block of Sundial Place. Stalking. The victim reported that the known suspect has repeatedly harassed her by following her multiple times and text messaging, e-mailing and calling her up to 10 times a day. The defendant continued to do so after the victim told him to stop on numerous occasions. The victim stated the harassment has affected her sleep and her work and has caused her to fear for her safety.

May 24

9:33 a.m. — 8315 Market St. (Walgreens). Petit theft. The complainant reported an unknown male stole two cartons of cigarettes. The male went to the checkout. While the clerk was ringing the sale, the male ran to a green pickup and fled the area. The truck did not have license plate on its rear. The truck was last seen heading toward University Parkway. The value of the stolen cigarettes is $96.14.

May 24
10:32 a.m.
— 7600 block of Pine Valley Street. Burglary. Unknown persons kicked open the victim’s front door and may have entered the residence. The dead bolt was twisted and lying on the floor inside the home. The responding deputy checked the residence and only found a loose dog inside. A neighbor stated the female who lives at the residence works at a school on State Road 64. The neighbor contacted the male homeowner, who did not want to have his wife respond because he would be there within the hour. The area was checked for fingerprints.

May 24
4:44 p.m.
— 6225 S.R. 64 E. (Walmart). Retail theft. Store security observed the defendant selecting a gallon of Hawaiian Punch and a bag of Jolly Rancher candy. The defendant then exited the grocery department and proceeded to the front exits. He exited the store, passing all points of sale without making any attempt to pay for the merchandise. Once outside, the defendant was stopped by store security and escorted to the security office without further incident. The merchandise, valued at $3.94, was recovered and returned to the store.

Reported May 24
9 a.m.
— 6709 S.R. 70 E. (Johnson Photo Imaging). Grand theft. The complainant reported an unknown person received merchandise from Johnson Photo Imagining without a purchase order or authorization from the school. The total value of the theft is $1,973.97.

11:58 a.m.
— 7305 S.R. 70 E. (BP station). Grand theft. The suspect, who works at the gas station, was observed on video canceling multiple cash transactions after her customers paid for the items. The suspect was then hiding the money on her person and taking it from the store.

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