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Ian Segneri co-founded the Missing Link Junior Golf Academy at the Legacy Golf Club in Lakewood Ranch about 10 years ago.
Sarasota Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2011 6 years ago

COMMUNITY SPORTS TIPS: Improving your short game

by: Jen Blanco Sports Editor

This is a great drill for golfers of all levels looking to hole more putts.

Get three or four feet from a hole, and push two tees into the ground just outside the heel and toe of the putter head. Place the tees close enough together that if the putter strays even a bit it will hit one of the tees. 

Next try to hole out 10 putts in a row using one hand only, and then repeat the process using other hand. Once you have made 20 in a row, hold the putter with both hands for double the amount of putts in a row.

This drill is great for learning to control the putter head with your arms, both independently and together through impact. It also gets you used to seeing the ball go in the hole, helping you build confidence.

Ian Segneri is an instructor at the Missing Link Junior Golf Academy in Lakewood Ranch. For more information, visit

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