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Longboat Key Friday, Nov. 11, 2011 6 years ago

Community sports

by: Jen Blanco Sports Editor

+ Lakewood Ranch
Vito Melfi finished +3 to win Flight 1 of the individual quota points Men’s event Oct. 8 on Cypress Links. Mike Duncan finished +4 to win Flight 2.

Chris Aster, Lorraine Rourke, Heidi Phillips and Karla Reens shot 82 to win Flight 1 of the 2-1-2 on 6-6-6 WGA event Oct. 11 on King’s Dunes. Susan Charnas, Dawn Burcham, Angie King and Helen Low shot 80 to win Flight 2.

Craig Del Fabro, Ian Cutmore, Robert Oglesby and Wolfgang Wistorf shot 58 to win Flight 1 of the Lakewood Ranch three-ball Men’s event Oct. 12 on King’s Dunes. Dennis Aster, Bill Jones, Jon Lengacher and Dick Amesbury shot 58 to win Flight 2.

James Schrecongost, Mark Pascarella, Mike Spears and Mike Adams scored 124 to win the two best balls of four net Men’s event Oct. 15 on King’s Dunes.

+ River Club
Norb Charette used his 5-wood to record an ace Oct. 12 on the 160-yard No. 12 of River Club golf course.

Bob Brenner and Pete Wayer finished +7 to win the two-man quota points MGA event Oct. 12.

+ Rosedale
Carol Wilhelm, Linda Gawel and Sue Lamy scored 130 to win the two best balls carts, opposites, drivers event Oct. 13.

Team Beer scored 29 to defeat team sauerkraut in the MGA Octoberfest skins game Oct. 15.

Mike Zinn used his 22-degree hybrid to record an ace Oct. 17 on the 157-yard No. 4 of Rosedale Golf & Country Club.

+ Tara
Tom Kunzman, Tim Eisenmann, Randy Musser and Edgar Day scored 126 to win the two best balls of four MGA event Oct. 5.

Karen Fine, Elaine Drewniak, Jean Gladziszewski and Nanci Gleis scored 44 to win the 2-1-2 on 3-4-5 nine-hole event Oct. 6.

Gordon Neal, Robert Clayton, Bill Hager and John Kleis scored 91 to win the 1-2-1 on 3-4-5 MGA event Oct. 12.

+ Stoneybrook
Cha Kim, Kim Spruance and John and Diane Berkiw finished -2 to win the team scramble Brodersen Cup Oct. 2.

Sue Sutherland used her No. 4 hybrid to record an ace Oct. 11 on the 101-yard No. 7 of Stoneybrook Golf Club.

Cha Kim, Frank Marra, Gary Panico and Anthony Gonzalez scored 137 to win the A Flight of the team stableford MGA event Oct. 16. Rick Boerstler, Chris Crombie and Gene Gabrielson scored 146 to win the B Flight.

+ University Park
Candice Miller used her Taylor Made 4-hybrid to record an ace Oct 11 on the 123-yard No. 16 of University Park Country Club.

Nancy Kopnisky scored 31 to win the individual Nassau LGA event Oct. 18.

Dikky Greenbury, Elaine Kulbako, Nancy Kopnisky and Mary Bennett shot 65 to win the step-a-side scramble LGA fall shotgun event Nov. 1.

Jack Templeton, Bob Greenbury, Hans Wendt and Art Whiston scored 127 to win the one through 10 portion of the two net best balls of four MGA event Nov. 2. Jerry Cote, Jack Griphshover, Jerry Russeth and Merle Kalkwarf scored 127 to win the 10-19 portion.

Peggy DiTaranto, Annette Lefley, Lynne Marlow and Shirley Ashton shot 77 to win the stableford points LGA nine-hole event Nov. 3.

+ Waterlefe
Ken Schultz scored 41 to win the net stableford Men’s Day event Oct. 12.

Bill Kiger, Rudi Floyd and John Harrison finished -17 to win the one best ball of three Men’s Day event Oct. 26.

Anita Holtmeyer used her 7-wood to record an ace Oct. 30 on the 135-yard No. 11 of Waterlefe Golf and River Club.

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