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East County Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2009 8 years ago

Community Golf Scores 10.14.09 to 10.25.09

by: Jen Blanco Sports Editor

+Lakewood Ranch

Mike Adams, Mike Dennett, Hale Campbell and Mike Duncan scored 56 to win the Men’s Lakewood Ranch three-ball event Oct. 17 on King’s Dunes.

John Getty used his 7-iron to record an ace Oct. 18 on the 146-yard No. 4 of King’s Dunes.

Kerstin Sundstrom, Geri Judd, Barbara Davis and Barbie Osterling scored 132 to win the two best balls of four net Nassau WGA event Oct. 20 on King’s Dunes.

Jack Klomp, Nelson Linam, Rob Jordan and Jesse Pope scored 126 to win the 1-2-3 on 3-4-5 Men’s event Oct. 21 on King’s Dunes.

Tom McManus and Brandon Harney shot 66 to win the net portion of the 2009 Men’s Tough Day two-man scramble event Oct. 24 on King’s Dunes. Richard McDonnell and Dave Perna shot 70 to win the gross portion.

+River Club

Judy Wayer finished +8 to win the quota points LGA event Oct. 19.

The teams of Gary Robson and Jim Touhey and Jeremy Carter and Wayne Stines both finished +6 to tie for first place in the two-man quota points event Oct. 21.

Bob Griesman used his 7-iron to record an ace Oct. 24 on the 150-yard No. 15 of the River Club Golf Course.

John Hewlin and Larry Obrien scored 134 to win the Championship Flight of the two-man invitational two-day event Oct. 24-25. Larry Flynn and Tom Choate scored 147 to win Flight 1 and Cory Hildreth and Danny Robbins scored 157 to win Flight 2.


Johnny Greenslade, Ed Coleman, Jack Turk and Gary Chapin scored 121 to win the Nicklaus Flight of the Fab 40s MGA event Oct. 21. Ken Pulver, Stanley Wright, Mac Rouse and Floyd Wimberly scored 133 to win the Palmer Flight.


Andy Kufta scored 61 to win the quota points Men’s Golf Association event Oct. 14 at Bradenton Country Club.

Moira Haslehur, Marian Meyer, Helen Cunniff and Audrey Bedford scored 123 to win the two best ball team WGA event Oct. 20.

Andrew Haslehurst shot 60 to win the one best ball of two MGA event Oct. 21 at Heritage Oaks.

+University Park

Rod and Barbara Romig, Don Griffin and Janie Holman scored 48 to win the one best ball of four shamble Sunday Couples event Oct. 18.

Marilyn Huebner shot 71 to win the first nine holes of the Individual Nassau LGA event Oct. 20. PMary Lou Snider scored 71 to win the last nine holes. 

Cheryl Kleiman, Shirlaine Hayes, Susie Mueller and Barbara Lifsec scored 33 to win the step-aside scramble LGA nine-hole Opening Day event Oct. 22.

Pat Thompson, Rod Romig, Merle Kalkwarf and Bob Bourgeois scored 140 to win the odd portion of the two best balls of four odds and evens MGA event Oct. 21. Dan Helpbringer, Jim Toedter, Frank Maher and Dick Meyerson scored 153 to win the even portion.


Carrie Howard used her 15-wood to record an ace Oct. 15 on the 90-yard No. 15 of Waterlefe Golf & River Club.

Marty and Phyllis Schuler and John and Barbara Bowman scored 57.7 to win the scramble mixed event Oct. 18.

Leslie Carroll, Becky Curtin and Phyllis Schuler scored 59.2 to win the scramble Ladies Day event Oct 20.

Domenick Paturno, John Brocki, Ralph Dillon and Ernest Pellegrino scored 60.8 to win the step-a-side scramble Men’s Day event Oct. 21. 


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