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East County Friday, Oct. 2, 2009 8 years ago

Community Golf Scores 09.21.09 to 10.01.09

by: Jen Blanco Sports Editor

+Lakewood Ranch

Dave Lorman, Bill Gardner, Jeff Vollweiler and Bill Morgan scored 115 to win the two best balls of four Men’s event Sept. 23 on Cypress Links.

Jack Jimmink, Richard Popp and Dennis Aster scored 58 to win the Men’s Lakewood Ranch three-ball event Sept. 26 on King’s Dunes. Rob Jordan, Nelson Linam and Chris Hugill scored 65 for second place.

Kari Hagar, Sandra Lescher, Dianne Emmermann and Roxanne Moore scored 140 to win the 1-2-3 on 3-4-5 Ladies event Sept. 29 on King’s Dunes.  

Bill Gardner, David Dillon, Jeff Vollweiler and John Digirolamo scored 130 to win the 1-2-3 on 3-4-5 Men’s event Sept. 30 on King’s Dunes. Wolfgang Wistorf, Craig DelFabro, Ian Cutmore and Rob Oglesby scored 136 for second place.

+River Club

Noel Pressler scored 32 to win the nine mystery holes event Sept. 29. Peggy Kunkle scored 37 for second place.

Tom May, Bob Griesman and Jeremy Carter finished +13 to win the three-man quota points event Sept. 30.


Jim Heotis, Stan Fleming, Jerry Christensen and Tom Troxell scored 53 to win the rainbow scramble Men's Golf Association event Sept. 23. Terry O’Shea, Ron Boehm, Jim Symons and Dan Carter scored 55 for second place.

Janet Hannell, Margaret Birch and Cathie McHugh scored 121 to win the net best ball, three-red, two-white, one-yellow Ladies Golf Association 18-hole event Sept. 24. Kathie Skelton, Barb Sodini, Janet Weisbord and Judy Boehm scored 126 for second place.

Judy Boehm, Verla Heotis and Jutta Tragnitz each scored 19 to tie for first place in the stableford nine-hole event Sept. 29. Carol Litzinger and Mary Moore each scored 17 to tie for fourth place.


Jill Hardy, Irene Ras, Pauli Barry and Helen Cuniff scored 113 to win the 3-2-1 on 3-4-5 net Women's Golf Association event Sept. 21.

John Kleis and Les Rogers shot 61 to win the one best ball of two MGA event Sept. 23 at Heritage Oaks. Bill Hager and Gordon Neal shot 63 for second place.

Karen Meyer scored 55 to win the stableford points WGA event Sept. 29. Sandy Coffman scored 54 for second place.

+University Park

Greg Hatch, John Wagner and Werner Knoop scored 106 to win the 2-2-1 on 3-4-5 MGA event Sept. 23.

Clarice Templeton, Marty Gersman and Terry Needell scored 50 to win the 1-2-1 best ball LGA nine-hole event Sept. 24.Alynna Fricke, Carol Hatch, Shirlaine Hayes and Irene McNamara scored 51 for second place.

Linda Jones, Sally Holden and Karen Wilson scored 130 to win the two best balls LGA Goodbye to Summer event Sept. 29. Candice Miller, Elaine Kulbako and Susan Davis scored 133 for second place.

Vince Dalessandro, Jud Powell, John Wagner and John Arimond scored 128 to win the 1-2-3 on 6-6-6 MGA event Sept. 30.

Lynne Marlow, Judy Whitson, Terry Needell and Michele Beni scored 26 to win the low net team, low gross individual nine-hole LGA event Oct. 1. Rita Compain, Lila Cooper, Sharon Halverson and Jean Honor scored 28 for second place. Arlene Irons scored 48 to win the low gross individual portion.


Janis Bumgarner, Janice Ritchie and Sharon Murphy scored 129 to win the sixes Ladies Day event Sept. 22.

Bill Kiger, Don Forster, Herb Krasow and Gary Corson scored 94 to win the one best ball on odd, two best balls on even holes Men’s Day event Sept. 23.

Mary Hansen scored 25 to win the circle nine holes, player’s choice Ladies Day event Sept. 29. Victoria Sanborn scored 32 for second place. 


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