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East County Tuesday, Sep. 28, 2010 7 years ago

Community Golf Scores 09.15.10 to 09.22.10


+ Lakewood Ranch
Heidi Phillips, Sandra Lescher, Debbie Reese and Barbie Osterling shot 121 for first place at the 2 Best Balls of 4 Net Ladies Event on Kings Dunes Sept. 21. Carolyn Coh, Stephanie Simpson, Valerie Marcus and Mary Scharf shot 126 for second. Ellie Weiss, Diane Baldwin, Kerstin Sundstrom and Barbara Green shot 128 for third.

Bob Rauscher, Nick Costides, Walter Caldwell and Ernie Pihl shot 128 for first place at the 1-23 on 3-4-5 Men’s Event on Cypress Links Sept. 22. Ned Richardson, Bill Gardner, Ted Cook and Jack Klomp shot 129 for second.

+ River Club
Tom May and Dave Thompson shot +7 to win the Wednesday’s Men’s Association’s 2 Man Quota Points event Sept. 15. Jim Touhey and Andy Stack shot +6 to tie for second with Steve Gilchrist and Pete Wayer. Dave Baker, Pete Wayer, Norb Charette and Andy Stack shot closest to the pin.

Ron Rosman and John Yoakum shot +7 to win the 2 Man Quota Points event Sept. 22. Ron Rosman and Steve Gilchrist shot +5 for second.

+ University Park
Alex Arnold, Art Whitson, Dan Helpbringer and Richard Haney shot 158 at the 2 BB on Odds, 3 BB Evens MGA event Sept. 22. Gunnar Jonsson, Mike Jowett, Herb Hawthorne and Jim Marlow shot 159 for second. Jerry Mulvihill, David Heagerty, John Irons and Bert Arrillaga shot 162 to tie for third with Randy Holden, Jim Nellis, Jim Kopnisky and David Rossin.

+ Waterlefe
John Harrison and Tom Werner shot 106 to win the Men’s Day 1 Best on Odds, 2 Best on Events event Sept. 15.

Janis Bumgarner shot 31 for first place at the Ladies Day Odd Hole Only Net Scores event Sept. 21. Kim Hogan shot 32 for second.Pattie Piazza and Janet Stepp both shot 34 to tie for third.

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