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East County Wednesday, Jul. 8, 2009 10 years ago

Community Golf Scores 06.27.09 to 07.07.09

by: Jen Blanco Sports Editor

+Lakewood Ranch

Stephanie Simpson, Carolyn Cohn, Frances Mastrelli and Heidi Phillips finished first in the team quota points Ladies event on King’s Dunes June 30. Margo Lacivita, Susan Thomas, Marian Wolfe and Marilyn Popp finished in second place.

Gene Wood, Dick Para, Jon Lengacher and Bob Ried scored 24 to win the Men’s Lakewood Ranch three-ball nine-hole event on King’s Dunes July 1. Joe Bornstein, Jack Jimmink, Jim Lapides and Jay Lilien scored 32 for second place and Dale Woodbury, Mike Bridges, Lou Lacivita and David Fuller scored 38 for third place.

Will and Anita Crocker and Thomas and Frances Mastrelli shot 119 to win the two best ball of four Fourth of July event on Cypress Links July 4. Heidi Phillips, Bob Simes, David Lacy and Dave Lorman shot 120 for second place and Ted and Cindy Cook and Mike and Lynn McCrary shot 121 for third place.

Diane Baldwin, Dana Bauer, Judy Balmer and Virginia Buehner scored +21 to win the team quota points Ladies event on Cypress Links July 7. Ginny Moss, Ellie Weiss, Elaine Bokach and Lynn Bornstein scored +12 for second place and Barbie Osterling and Darlene Stewart scored +6 for third place. 


Duke Semilof, Michael Fencil, John Orr and John Costello shot 158 to win Flight 1 of the two best balls 3’s and 5’s and three best balls 4’s Men’s Golf Association event June 27. Gino Giampietro, Louis Rosa, Al Robinowitz and Dean Swift shot 163 to win Flight 2.

Tina Price and Patricia Raffery shot 1-under par to win Flight 1 of the one partner odd holes, one partner even holes Women’s Golf Association event June 30. Nancy Rosa and Nancy Reichl shot 2-under par to win Flight 2.

Bill Lavelle used his 3-wood to record an ace July 1 on the 177-yard No. 17 of Champions Course.

The teams of Paul and Barb Harrison and Larry and Carol Blackburn and Jack and Jacki Booker and Jim and Ann Pfrogner both shot 124 to tie for first place in Flight 1 of the two best balls of four July 4 Firecracker Tournament. Lou and Nancy Rosa and Irv and Anna Mae Kean shot 123 to win Flight 2; and the teams of Brian and Barbara Bain and Dean and Margaret Swift and Ed and Susan Daniels and Howard and Tina Price both shot 124 to win Flight 3.

+River Club

Alicia Moody and Judy Wayer both scored 38 to tie for first place in the net stableford Ladies Golf Association event June 27. Karen McClellan scored 36 for third place.

Barb Coletta scored +6 to win the quota points LGA event July 7. 


Mary Naylor scored 16 to win the tee to green nine-hole event June 30. Rachel Willet scored 18 for second place; Carol Litzinger scored 20 for third place; and Linda Suereth scored 22 for fourth place.

Paul and Mia Ficarro and Bob and Carrie Mueller shot 130 to win the Red Flight of the red, white and yellow Fourth of July Couples event July 4. Sam and Linda Jones and Paul and Jane Dain shot 132 for second place. Darcie Allison and Kevin Killoram and Dave Dimartino and Susie Scott shot 128 to win the Blue Flight. Terry and Holly O’Shea and Kim Hosilyk and Betty Rainier shot 138 for second place.

Ellie Toepfer, Rachel Willet, Jutta Tragnitz and Linda Suereth scored 159 to win the team score nine-hole event July 7. 


Karen Myers, Nancy Stanz and Barb Loreto shot 94 to win the one best ball front, two best balls back Women’s Golf Association event June 30 at the Meadows. Irene Ras, Kristin Senachal and Mickey Boughton shot 96 for second place. 

+University Park

Nancy Kopinski, Peggy Miller, Karen Wilson and Pat Brazzamano shot 133 to win the two best balls of four LGA event June 30. Mary Lou Snider, Pat Girvin, Fran Vaka and Pat Singletary shot 134 for second place.

Gary Kleiman used his Callaway 3-iron to record an ace July 3 on the 182-yard No. 24 of University Park Golf and Country Club

Jim and Nancy Kopnisky and Bert and Katy Arrillaga scored 90 to win the 1-2-1 on 3-4-5 Fourth of July event July 4. 


Janice Ritchie and Judy Werner scored 51 to win the best ball of two Ladies’ Day event June 30. Patti Piazza and Becky Curtin scored 54 for second place.

Ken Bumgarner scored 21 to win Flight 1 of the individual net stableford Men’s Day event July 1. Steve Adams scored 25 to win Flight 2. 

Janet Stepp, Barbara Womack and Janice Ritchie scored 58 to win the one best ball of three Ladies’ Day event July 7. 


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