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East County Monday, Jun. 21, 2010 7 years ago

Community Golf Scores 06.08.10 to 06.16.10

by: Jen Blanco Sports Editor

+Lakewood Ranch

John Kolbas, Ray Saint and Johann Nanayakkara shot 55 to win the Men’s Lakewood Ranch three-ball event June 12 on Cypress Links. Mike Bridges, Bob Simes, Jon Lengacher and Jack Jimmick shot 64 for second place.

Connie Thompkins, Ellie Weiss, Millie Fellin andHeidi Phillips scored 128 to win the 1-2-3 on 5-4-3 Ladies event June 15 on Cypress Links. Debbie Holt, Sue Ried, Glenda Auxier and Debbie Reese scored 136 for second place.

Bob Simes, Dennis Aster, Roger Newton and Joe Danna scored 125 to win the 1-2-3 on 5-4-3 Men’s event June 16 on Cypress Links. Bob Zieg, Rick Shaw and Harry Benz scored 127 for second place.

+River Club

Kathy Lastella won first place in the stableford LGA event June 12. Noel Pressler finished second and Natalie Walters finished third.


Joe Zickert, Mike Matthews, Ron Lang and Geno Lutz scored 131 to win the 3-2-1 on 5-4-3 MGA event June 9.

Richard Cicchetti finished +8 to win the Rosedale Friday Quota Points event June 11. Neil Hamje and Herbert Hassell each finished +7 to tie for second place.

Judy Boehm, Mary Moore, Carol Litzinger and Liz Cole shot 56 to win the A/D portion of the 2-1-2 on 3-3-3 nine-hole event June 8. Wynona Bonomi, Jean Troxell, Irene Ward and Jutta Tragnitz shot 52 to win the B/C portion.

Mary Moore, Irene Ward and Joan Shuster scored 37 to win the red, white and yellow nine-hole event June 15.  

Bill Fridlington, Jerry Christensen, Neil Hamje and Tom Troxell shot 59 to win the progressive scramble MGA event June 16. Skip Suereth, John Meindl, Dolph Weisenberg and Dan Carter shot 62 for second place.


Joyce Furman, Evelyn Parcels and Eva Frederick scored 19 to win the two best balls of four odd holes nine-hole event June 10. Ginny Pike, Karen Carpenter, Gloria Mazza and Corky Switzer scored 24 for second place.

Anna Musser, Helen Cunniff, Mickey Boughton and Marian Meyer shot 84 to win the team one best ball odd, two best balls WGA event June 15.

Richard Walser, Tim Eisenmann, Jack Fing and Peter Woegens scored 132 to win the 1-2-3 on 5-4-3 MGA event June 16.

+University Park

The teams of Rod Romig, Bernie Needell, Richard Haney and Jim Johnson and John Wagner, Art Whitson, John Demik and Jay Leshyn both scored 128 to tie for first place in the 1-2-3 on 6-6-6 MGA event June 9.

Beth Mumaw, Harriet Russeth, Karen Wilson and Pat Brazzamano scored 134 to win the two best balls of four LGA event June 15. The teams of Dikky Greenbury, Joyce Ferguson, Susan Greenblatt and Nadine Oberlin and Pat Girvin, Peggy Miller, Janice Jowett and Sondra Ettlinger both scored 135 to tie for second place.

Tom Bauer, John Wagner, Jerry Greenblatt and Dan Carter scored 139 to win the stableford points MGA event June 16. John Fricke, John Irons, Joe Brazzamano and Jud Powell scored 137 for second place.


John Harrison, Ken Bumgarner, Leo Faust and Tom Werner scored 125 to win the two best balls of four Men’s Day event June 9.

Tom and Judy Werner and Tom and Stephanie O’Donnell scored 122 to win the to best balls of four Mixed event June 13.

Janis Bumgarner, Stephanie O’Donnell, Elsie Najjar and Joyce Goldstein scored 120 to win the 1-2-3 on 5-4-3 Ladies Day event June 15.

Leo Faust scored 42 to win the net stabelford points Men’s Day event June 16.



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