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East County Monday, May. 31, 2010 7 years ago

Community Golf Scores 05.18.10 to 05.26.10

by: Jen Blanco Sports Editor

+Lakewood Ranch

Jay Lilien, Jim Lapides, Mike Duncan and Vito Melfi shot 59 to win the Men’s Lakewood Ranch three-ball event May 22 on King’s Dunes.

Ardell Terry, Angie King, Geri Judd and Lenore Redler scored 107 to win the 2-1-2 on 6-6-6 Ladies event May 25 on King’s Dunes.

+River Club

Bev Whitlock finished +7 to win the quota points LGA event May 18.


Mia Ficarro scored 86 to win the low gross portion of Flight 1 of the low gross, low net LGA event May 20. Judy Sanford shot 74 to win the low net portion. Mary Moore shot 94 to win the low gross portion of Flight 2 while Jutta Tragnitz shot 70 to win the low net portion.

Carol Litzinger scored 18 to win the throw out two nine-hole event May 26.


Ada Newton scored 70 to win Flight 1 of the individual net flighted WGA event May 18. Nancy Stanz scored 66 to win Flight 2 and Sally Shuford scored 72 to win Flight 3.

Verla Heotis, Kathy Brennan, Rosemary Hamje and Mary Moore scored 54 to win the shambles nine-hole event May 18.

Tom Woebenberg, Gary Wilson, Randy Musser and Ed Day scored 118 to win the 3-2-1 on 3-4-5 MGA event May 19.

Lynne Garbrick, Evelyn Parcels and Eva Frederick scored 22 to win the two best balls of four net nine-hole event May 20.  

Sandy Coffman finished with eight points to win Flight 1 of the net quota points flighted WGA event May 25. Tina Hensley finished with four points to win Flight 2.

Gordon Neal, John Kleis, Randy Musser and Ace Boughton scored 116 to win the two best balls of four net MGA event May 26.

+University Park

Pat Thompson, John Wagner, Jud Powell and Harry Lifsec scored 153 to win the A/B portion of the two best balls of four MGA event May 19. John Demik, Darrell Robrts, Jim Toedter and David Rossin scored 126 to win the C/D portion.

Alynna Fricke and Louise Diana both scored 15 to tie for first place in the low putts and long drive nine-hole LGA event May 20.

Jim Nellis, Hans Wendt, Jim Kopnisky and John Arimond scored 187 to win the three best balls of four MGA event May 26.


Leslie Carroll, Judy Werner and Nancy Smith scored 108 to win the 1-2-3 on 5-4-3 Ladies Day event May 18.

Gary Corson finished +13 to win the individual quota points Men’s Day event May 19.

Mike Allenbrook used his 7-iron to record an ace May 21 on the 152-yard No. 4 of Waterlefe Golf and River Club.

Gary Corson, Tony Digioia and Alvin Goldstein shot 72 to win the 1-2-1 on 6-6-6 Men’s Day event May 26. 


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