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East County Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2013 4 years ago

Community Golf

by: Jen Blanco Sports Editor

+ Lakewood Ranch
Steve Poitras, Ken Lapinski, Fran Wapole and Bob Girard scored 93 to win the one best ball on odd holes, two best balls on even holes men’s event Oct. 2, on King’s Dunes.
Cindy Davis, Jeanne Thompson, Christine Zieg and Carole Rivinius scored 30 to win the scramble WGA nine-hole league Opening Day event Oct. 3, on Cypress Links.

+ Palm-Aire
David Murphy, Dave Jones, Ozzie Hauswald and Claude Nash finished -2.39 to win the scramble MGA event Oct. 2.

Judy Radasch, Barbara Robinson, Barbara Costello and Judy Broihier scored 68 to win the two best balls of four WGA event Oct. 3, on the Champions Course.

Gerry Morrical used his 7-iron to record an ace Oct. 4, on the 109-yard No. 12 of the Champions Course.

Dennis Demaria, Claude Nash, Wayne Bergeron and Ann Bergeron scored 46.5 to win the scramble event Oct. 5, on the Lakes Course.

Ken Bogdanoff finished +5 to win the Terry Fine’s quota point game Oct. 6, on the Lakes Course.

+ River Club
Bill Seiler and Dave Baker finished +4 to win the quota points event Oct. 2.

Marianne Thomsen and Donna Kimber shot 63 to win the one best ball of two LGA event Oct. 5.

+ Rosedale
Jim Donegan finished +8 to win the Friday quota points event Sept. 27.

+ Tara
Alex Urquhart used his 5-wood to record an ace Oct. 2 on the 145-yard No. 4 of Tara Golf and Country Club.

Tom Kunzman, Ken Miller and Jim Mazurek scored 89 to win the one best ball front, two best balls back MGA event Oct. 2.

Joyce Furman, Marge Palacio, Ginny Pike and Shirley Overmyer scored 15 to win the one best ball of four even nine-hole event Oct. 3.

+ University Park
Marty Gersman, Kathy Cuviello and Judy Whitson all shot 18 to tie for first place in the pick six nine-hole event Oct. 3.

Pat Helpbringer used her iron to record an ace Oct. 4 on the 113-yard No. 16 of University Park Country Club.

Tom Turek used his 7-iron to record an ace Oct. 5 on the 142-yard No. 5 of University Park Country Club.

+ Waterlefe
Shirley McGee finished -4 to win the scratch three Ladies Day individual game Sept. 17.

Ken Bumgarner finished -34 to win the blind nine Men’s Day individual game Sept. 18.

Mike and Mary Fiorini and Alvin and Joyce Goldstein scored 112 to win the 1-2-3 on 5-4-3 mixed event Sept. 29.


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