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Sarasota Tuesday, Apr. 6, 2010 7 years ago

Commission strengthens greenspace policy

by: Robin Roy City Editor

The most debated word in the city’s new greenspace policy has been eliminated, and with it gone, the policy became more stringent.

The city created a Greenspace Policy Committee to recommend changes to the policy that dictates how greenspace is defined and treated downtown.

The committee recommended to the City Commission that the policy’s wording change significantly from stating that the city’s should “reduce the use of shrubs and bushes to a bare minimum” to greenspace is generally preferred over hardscape.”

Commissioner Terry Turner didn’t think that change went far enough and asked that the word “generally” be removed.

That word was debated within the committee because some members felt the city was moving too far to one extreme and was favoring plants over people. The overall commission unanimously approved Turner’s request.

Read more about the decision in Thursday’s Sarasota Observer.

In other City Commission action, Vice Mayor Kelly Kirschner urged the city’s engineering and transportation staff to come up with a quick solution to the problem of Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota visitors having difficulty crossing U.S. 41 to get downtown.

“Every time I see tourists standing there, it’s an embarrassment for the city. It’s an embarrassment for the Ritz-Carlton,” he said.

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