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Sarasota Wednesday, Mar. 17, 2010 7 years ago

Classroom Spotlight: Out of Door Academy

by: Maria Amodio Editor

Third-graders at Out of Door Academy have spent weeks preparing for their production of "Five a Day Live," a play about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables. The Observer caught up with them to find out what they've learned.

Max Ruschau, age 9, plays the role of Anthony Apple

Why are you putting on this play?

"We want to tell everyone that five-to-nine serving of fruits and vegetables every day can make you healthy and strong."

Why are apples good for you?

"They have a lot of Vitamin C and Vitamin A."

What does Vitamin C do?
"It's kind of like the sun. It helps you get sun."

What's your favorite type of apple?
"The red ones."

Gracie Schlotthauer, age 8, plays Paula Pumpkin

What foods do you like that have pumpkin in them?

"I like pumpkin pie, especially at Thanksgiving."

What is your favorite part of your costume?
"I don't know because the wig is itchy but the bottom has wires in it ... "

Anthony Squitieri, "almost 9," plays the role of a rockin' banana

Why are bananas good for you?

"Because they're high in protein and potassium."

What happens if you don't eat fruits and vegetables?
"You'll go to the doctor with a cane at the age of 9."

What's your favorite part of your costume?

"Definitely the guitar."

Caroline Lafoe, age 8, plays Brenda Blueberry

Why did you choose this role?

"Because it's fun. I get to be in the Vitamin C song and I get to dance."

What have you learned about fruits and vegetables?
"You have to eat one fruit or vegetable with Vitamin C every day."

What happens if you don't eat enough fruits and vegetables?

"You'll get feeble."

Alexis Hudson, age 8 and a half, plays Linda Lime

Why are limes good for you?
"They have Vitamin C in them."

What foods do you like that have lime in them?
"I don't think I've ever had one."

Does fruit-flavored candy count as a serving of fruit?
"No, it can't be candy. Candy's not healthy and it has a lot of sugar."


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