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East County Friday, May 21, 2010 10 years ago

CLASSROOM SPOTLIGHT: McNeal fifth-graders

by: Vanessa Moody

One of McNeal Elementary's fifth-grade classes shares their feelings on entering middle school next year. And although everyone is looking forward to different aspects of their new place in middle school, it seems  everyone is excited and anxious to move up the totem pole.

What are your thoughts on entering middle school?

Sienna Cirringione
“I’m excited to learn new things.”

Andrew Foege
“You get to meet different people and hang out with different friends throughout the day.”

Jackson Helwege
“I’m excited about the new opportunities middle school has to offer.”

Courtney McLellan
“I’m excited about meeting all of the new teachers and people.”

Molly Mendoza
“Having six teachers makes me a little nervous. We’ll have a lot more homework."

Jonah Sinclair
“I was to experience all the thins we can do there — all the sports and activities.”

Valerie Super
“I’m excited because my dad said school will go by faster than normal because the classes are shorter.”



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