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Sarasota Wednesday, May. 12, 2010 7 years ago


by: Loren Mayo Black Tie Editor

Students at Julie Rohr Academy are gearing up for their moment in the spotlight. The school will present "The Music Man" at 7 p.m., Friday, May 21, at the Sarasota Opera House.

This year’s show is a community project that involves students, parents, staff as well as community members as the humorous citizens of River City, Iowa, in 1912. The show features music, lively dance routines, period costumes and talented performers. Show drops being flown in from California, and professional lighting and sound add finishing touches to this brilliant Broadway musical.

The show ends with a performance by a boy’s band. Male students at JRA are being taught to play a variety of band instruments by the members of the Sarasota Military Academy band.

Bryce Vokus as Harold Hill

What’s this production about?

It’s about my character, “The Music Man.” I go to a town called River City, in Iowa. I tell the people there how much trouble they’re going to be in because of a pool table that just came into the billiards hall. I trick the music teacher into believing that the town needs a boy band, but I really don’t know anything about it. The music teacher falls in love with me and then learns I’m not as nice as I seem, and the town threatens to tar and feather me.

Does your character learn something from his actions?
He learns not to lie.

Do you like this musical?
It’s fun. This character is more like me than last year when we did “Babes and Arms.” But I don’t like lying.

What’s fun about acting?
I like the fact of being in front of a lot of people. I think it helps you in public speaking and in judgment skills.

Kristina LePage as Marian Paroo

Have you connected with your character?
At first, she is really stuck up and snobby. She doesn’t trust anyone. But near the end of the play she gets nice because she’s in love with Harold.

What do you think about this musical?
The songs are pretty nice — cool, catchy and upbeat. My part’s not at all pepper and hyper like the last two years when I played a high school girl. Marian is quiet, so I like this story a little better.

Are you destined for a career in acting?
I really love it. I really want to be an actress when I’m older. It’s all I want to do for the rest of my life.

Blaine McMearty as Mrs. Paroo

Who is Mrs. Paroo?
She’s the mother of Marian and is wanting her daughter to get married. She’s reached the age to move out. She’s supposed to be funny in the play, but I don’t really think she’s funny. It’s mature laughing.

What do you think about this musical?
I don’t mind it. It’s more serious.

Are you destined for a career in acting?
I like acting with my friends. I like when lines are memorized.

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