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Sarasota Wednesday, Sep. 8, 2010 9 years ago


by: Loren Mayo Black Tie Editor

The Sarasota Observer sat in on Sue Ambrioso’s second-grade art class at Booker Elementary School Wednesday, Sept. 9. Following a brief video that showcased various art styles and mediums, we chatted with the students who were making collages from magazine cutouts and asked them to talk about their version of art.

Tyler Beebe
How did you choose these pictures?
I picked them because they look nice, and the ice cream made me hungry.

What are they?
They are good examples of art. But some of them are nasty. Do you see this part — the rock fell on top of her. It’s on her face and it hurts. It’s a picture, so it’s art.

What makes the ice cream art?
I don’t know why, but it looks good. I want to buy the cat too, because it looks clean.

Jai’rese Bowman
Why is SpongeBob art?
Because art has a picture, and he is a character.

What are you doing today?
We’re cutting out magazines and gluing them on a piece of paper to make art.

Do you like art?
It’s fun, and you get to do activities and play puzzles.

Olivia Chavez
What is art?
I think it is paintings. On “iCarly,” they make sculptures. They make robots out of cans and chandeliers out of Gummi Bears.

What do you like about art?
My favorite subject about art is painting. I want to be a painter of people and birds. I’m good at drawing heads, necks and shoulders.

Why do people make art?
It might make them feel happy. They get to express themselves and everyone gets to see it.

Brandon Davenport
What did you create today?
This is a picture I like because I like track races. I want to be a track star when I grow up.

Why is it art?
I like the way they creative it. I think they drew it out with pencil and then colored it in and put it in a magazine.

Do you think the word “madness” has a meaning?
Maybe they get mad if they lose.

Jerrion Green
Where can you find art?
You go to a museum. I like to see all of the art.

What makes a good artist?
A good artist is someone who makes something all by himself.

What colors make the best art?
A rainbow.

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