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Club Ivory owner Ambrish Piare says he has spent nearly $85,000 on sound proofing to accommodate residents of the Plaza at Five Points.
Sarasota Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014 3 years ago

City rejects Club Ivory complaint

by: Alex Mahadevan News Innovation Editor

The city of Sarasota has rejected an appeal from residents of Plaza at Five Points to shut down Club Ivory.

Deputy City Attorney Michael Connolly in a Jan. 13 letter, called the issue between the two tenants of 50 Central Ave., a private dispute which the city and taxpayers should not have to pay to resolve. Connolly denied claims that the nightclub violated its conditional-use permit, deprived residents their right to quietly enjoy their units, lowered their property values and operated as an "adult cabaret."

Plaza at Five Points residents had asked the city to revoke the club's permit.

"There was always something new as a motivation to shut us down," said Club Ivory owner Ambrish Piare in a Jan. 15 interview with the Sarasota Observer. Stephen Thompson, the residents' legal representative, leveled the first three complaints in a Sept. 25 letter, and the claim about the "adult use" in a Jan. 2 follow-up.

"Activities that are adult in nature do not make an Adult Use," Connolly wrote. "Obviously, all bars are for 'activities adult in nature.'"

Piare will offer drink specials including a free champagne toast at Club Ivory this weekend in celebration of the support the club received following the allegations.

"I'm very happy city officials came to this conclusion," Piare said. But, he doesn't expect this to be the end of disagreements between the club and residents.

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