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The Street Team program is currently funded through the end of February 2014, but the City Commission will consider whether to continue the program beyond that point.
Sarasota Friday, Nov. 1, 2013 4 years ago

City Commission to consider Street Team funding

by: David Conway Deputy Managing Editor

At Monday's City Commission meeting, commissioners will hear an update about the Street Team program, a collaborative homeless outreach effort between the city and the Salvation Army.

The program, which began in March 2012, is funded through February 2014. Its intent is to help volunteers develop experience and skills that will assist them in the search for a job.

The commission will consider whether to extend the current agreement through September of next year, with two additional one-year extension options. If the agreement is approved through September 2014, an additional $13,500 is requested to fund the program.

According to data included with the agenda document, participants in the program have volunteered about 15,800 hours, performing tasks like collecting trash or cleaning graffiti in the downtown and Newtown areas.

Of the 198 people who have participated in the program, 79 people have obtained employment and 78 have obtained stable housing. 48 people left the program, while another 42 were disqualified.

The Street Team program was initially funded with $160,000 for two years, and is paid for with money from the downtown and Newtown tax-increment financing funds.

Also at Monday’s meeting:

• Commissioner Paul Caragiulo will update commissioners with information regarding state legislature committee meetings and the status of legislation of interest to the city.

• The commission will consider revising the city’s open container ordinance to explicitly allow for the possession of open container on city property during approved special events. According to the agenda documents, this change would be “consistent with longstanding enforcement policy and practice.”

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