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Tommy Klauber. Photo by Pam Eubanks.
East County Wednesday, May 3, 2017 2 years ago

Chef 'paints the town'

Students go green for Lyme disease
by: Pam Eubanks Senior Editor

Chef or poet?

On April 28, Polo Grill and Bar owner and chef Tommy Klauber was not just a chef. He was Tom Sawyer, showing a crowd how much fun it is to paint a fence.

Klauber led more than 200 guests through dinner preparations during the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s Dishes for Wishes interactive dinner fundraiser.

It’s not like watching a cooking show on television, he warned.

“The people at your table are going to taste the food,” Klauber said. “We give you the ingredients, but you put them in. Use your discernment.”


 Going green

On May 1, students at B.D. Gullett Elementary School decided they would go green. No, not for

Caleb Plourde. Photo by Berkley Mason.
Caleb Plourde. Photo by Berkley Mason.

environmental purposes, but for Lyme disease awareness day. 

Though Gullett Elementary School first grader Caleb Plourde prefers the color blue, he dove in full force, sporting shorts, a beaded necklace, a hat and a shirt, all lime green. 

"My favorite part of today is that I get to wear shades inside," Plourde said. "Blue is my favorite color, but green is OK. Lyme disease is scary, that's why I wore green today." 

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