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Sarasota Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2010 8 years ago

Charges of racism, sexism hit city job search

by: Robin Roy City Editor

What should have been a fairly mundane job search for new city auditor and clerk has been injected with charges of racism and sexism from some community members.

After 30 years on the job, former City Auditor and Clerk Billy Robinson retired in December, leaving the City Commission to hire a replacement.

Robinson’s deputy, Pamela Nadelini, expressed interest in the job, and the commission named her interim city auditor and clerk during the candidate search.

Commissioners interviewed Nadalini and three other candidates today. Tomorrow they meet again and are expected to choose someone for the job.

When Commissioner Fredd Atkins suggested at a previous City Commission meeting that the city avoid a protracted search and give the job to Nadalini, who has worked in the city auditor and clerk’s office for 19 years, Commissioner Terry Turner said he felt it was the commission’s duty to interview all candidates before awarding someone with the job.

That didn’t sit well with some in the community. At the Feb. 1 City Commission meeting, four north Sarasota residents, chided commissioners for not already awarding the position to Nadalini and suggesting the hesitation was because she is a black woman.

“We have to do everything we can to change the attitude across the country about the city of Sarasota — attitude toward minorities,” said John Rivers.

Said Gwen Calloway: “I’d hate to get a group of women together, (who would) hate to find out you’re not giving a woman a job she’s overly qualified for.”

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