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John Sagar, Stan Graff and Lee Chegwidden mingle inside the clubhouse.
East County Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012 5 years ago

Cascades residents celebrate completion

by: Pam Eubanks Senior Editor

CASCADES — Almost exactly eight years after residents closed on the first home, residents of Cascades rallied together to celebrate the completion of their community.

“You could always hear (the construction); you could see the heavy trucks,” said Jerry Matisoff said, a member of the Cascades Homeowners Association. “It’s done. It’s a (comforting) feeling.”

More than 300 residents of Cascades gathered Nov. 3, at the community’s clubhouse and pool area, for a party celebration. The event was the largest Cascades homeowners’ function yet, organizers said.

“For all those years, you live with the sand and dirt and noise,” homeowner Will Taylor said as he mingled with friends. “We had a rocky start, at no fault of anybody here. But it’s over and done with and it’s a nice place to live. We are most happy.”

Debby Landes, president of Cascades Homeowners Association, agreed, noting the end of construction gives homeowners a greater feeling of ownership, although they have controlled the homeowners association board for a long time.

“It’s important to bring the community together,” Landes said. “It’s a statement of community. I think that’s good and with it comes a sense of responsibility.”

Work on Cascades begin in mid-2003, under the direction of builder Levitt & Sons. Work continued through 2007, at which time the company declared bankruptcy. Construction came to a standstill for more than a year, until the remaining lots were purchased by Medallion Home in late 2009, re-starting the development process.

Owners closed on the last of the 453 homes Aug. 29.

“It’s awesome (construction is finally over); we waited a long time,” said Carole Friedman, who attended the event with her husband, Howie. “We can move forward.”

Howie Friedman added: “(Cascades) sells itself; it’s a great community.”

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• July 16, 2003 — Levitt & Sons accepts first deposit checks on undeveloped land
• November 2004 — First deed recorded
• Nov. 8, 2007 — Levitt files Chapter 11
• January 2008 — Soneet Kapila named chief administrator
• Sept. 25, 2009 — Liquidation complete with auction sale to Medallion Home
• August 2012 — Last home closes
• Nov. 3, 2012 — Community celebration
Courtesy of Debby Landes


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