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Mayor Jim Brown
Longboat Key Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2013 5 years ago

Candidates unveil their platforms

by: Kurt Schultheis Senior Editor

Mayor Jim Brown
“I like to think I know what’s going on on the Key and would like to think I have served you well.”

“I don’t think I have broken any laws and have acted completely within the guidelines of the town. A lot of good work has been done.”

“If a cell tower is the only option available to improve service, I would have to say we have to build one. But, I think there are other options. We have to provide service for people all over the Key.”

Larry Grossman
“I’m running on good government for a change. Voters deserve a more responsible government that serves their interests and not special interests. I stand for bold leadership.”

“It’s a bad situation when you are not enforcing codes. We need a better maintenance code, and we need the staff to enforce it. The island is going downhill.”

“If a cellular tower is the only way, I would say no way. I make calls all over this Key and don’t have a problem. We make policy based on reality, and reality is other technology will come along that would make that technology obsolete.”

Terry Gans
“We can renew, we can revitalize, we can plan for tomorrow. I stand with accomplishment, progress and unity, and I stand with you. Longboat Key is reaching a tipping point. I take pride in my service and it’s a privilege serving on this commission.”

“The fire contract hasn’t been ratified yet, but it gives us predictability going forward. I’m hopeful to get the same type of agreement in place with police and general employees.”

“What the town can do is try to recapture tourism we had and lost and prepare the ground and conditions so whatever retail finds this island attractive has the ability to flourish without government being in the way.”

Gene Jaleski
“This is the third time I’m running. I’m the only person in this group who’s actually won an election.”

“Our government has gone off the tracks. At least with the Key Club we went through a due process. Now, we have a commission saying we don’t care what codes we change right now as long as we get a new Hilton.”

“One only has to look at Whitney Beach Plaza to realize the current commission has no appetite for enforcing codes. Instead, the town says we don’t have the power to do anything.”

Phill Younger
“I filled a commission post when my opponent (Jaleski) quit and said town government wasn’t for him. Since then, I have helped revamp the beach program and save the town
$30 million. I offer you accomplishment and leadership.”

“The pension debt has grown out of control over the past 10 years. It finally got to the breaking point. Some other commissioners prior to this commission didn’t have enough support to fix it. This is the first commission that’s done this in a smart manner. We will cap the town’s liability, and we will have a virtual defined contribution plan. It’s an accomplishment I am very proud of.”

“We do have a property-maintenance code, but it needs tweaking. I personally don’t want to set up a code looking at how many square inches of paint are chipping. It needs to be done without being intrusive. What the balance is becomes a tricky business.”

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