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Sophia Miller and Soleil Worrell
Longboat Key Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2012 5 years ago

Camp Spotlight: Art Center Sarasota Creative Kids Camp

by: Loren Mayo Black Tie Editor

It’s Friday, Aug. 10 — the last day of Creative Kids Summer Camp at Art Center Sarasota.

Kai Worrell is peering over Luis Fridegotto’s left shoulder and watching him shade-in some fancy cartoons in his sketchpad.

“Can you rip off your braces and can I have them?” Kai asks?

To Luis’ right is Casey Anderson, who seems to be as equally interested in Luis as Kai is.

“Does it hurt to get a nose ring?” Casey asks for no particular reason.

Luis isn’t sure about giving up his braces anytime soon, but laughs nonetheless. And although he doesn’t have one, he thinks getting a nose ring might hurt a little bit.

On the opposite side of the art room is camp instructor Erika Neff, who is in town on her summer break from college. She’s helping Sophia Miller create a story about a fairy, which has just caught the attention of Soleil Worrell. When Sophia deems the story complete, Erika reads it aloud, while the girls listen intently.

After lunch, the campers will round up their favorite works of art — sock animals, robots and clay creatures and make a presentation to their parents.

Kai — Casey and Luis.
Casey — Kai and Luis, but mostly Luis.
Leilani — Sticking my hand into the clay. It’s icky and mushy. Or, sticking my feet in paint. I still haven’t gotten it off my nails.
Luis — I always share ideas with the kids.
Sophia — Drawing.
Lucy — Learning how to draw stuff and doing stuff and making clay projects.
Cora — We make a lot of stuff. Painting.

100 — Shrinky Dinks made
21 — Stuffed creatures
14 — Sock animals
7 — Clay creatures
7 — Kids at the last week of camp
5 — Water bead sculptures

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