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Nicholas and Lawrence Metcalfe
Sarasota Thursday, Sep. 22, 2011 6 years ago

Cafeteria Confidants: Take your Dad to School

by: Rachel S. OHara Staff Photographer

What was your favorite subject in elementary school?
Lowell Hockett: My favorite subject was math.
Taylor Hockett: My favorite subject is math, also.

Lawrence Metcalfe: Science.
Nicholas Metcalfe: Reading.

Bill Edwards: Mine was always math, I think.
Anndee Edwards: Either math or reading.

Dr. Ken Giraldo: Science.
William Giraldo: Science.

Michael Ignatowski: Probably reading. I like reading a lot.
Taylor Rivera: Math.

What was your favorite elementary school memory?
Lowell Hockett: Probably getting my first “A.”
Taylor Hockett: Probably the same thing.

Lawrence Metcalfe: Playing dodgeball.
Nicholas Metcalfe: I really don’t know. I still haven’t finished the fifth grade, so it’s kind of hard.

Bill Edwards: Mine was always recess, and I guess lunch time, because we were allowed to leave at lunch time. It was a time when we could go home and see our mothers or fathers if they were home.
Anndee Edwards: Recess.

Dr. Ken Giraldo: Playing sports, being with my friends and bringing my dad to lunch.
William Giraldo: Being with my friends.

Michael Ignatowski: Physical education and playing dodgeball.
Taylor Rivera: Going to recess.

What’s for lunch?
Lowell Hockett: I’m having a snack today. I’m going to eat a little bit later because they eat early.
Taylor Hockett: I’m having sushi.

Anndee Edwards: Subway.
Bill Edwards: Yup, she loves her Subway.

Michael Ignatowski: Wendy’s. We’re having a chicken sandwich with apples. So, it’s somewhat good!

What’s the best part about having lunch together today?
Lowell Hockett: Getting to be with my granddaughter.
Taylor Hockett: Getting to be with my grandfather.

Anndee Edwards: The best part is because he is only off one day a week, so I can only have lunch with him one day a week.

Bill Edwards: Mine is just spending time with my daughter, and I have a son here as well and that’s in about a half-hour.

Dr. Ken Giraldo: Oh, it’s great to come and share lunch with my son. It feels good.

Michael Ignatowski: Just spending time with my granddaughter.
Taylor Rivera: Spending time with him.

Click here to view our video of Take your Dad to School day. 

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