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Longboat Key Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2013 4 years ago

The Bridge: Story archive


View our previous stories on the Ringling Bridge throughout the years:

Weather Photo: PERFECT PERCH
Tom Caffrey submitted this photo taken on the fishing pier near the Ringling Bridge.

Dave Siegwald submitted this photo of sunrise from the John Ringling Bridge.

+ First Watch Sarasota Half Marathon runners share their stories
Susan Brinkman keeps her racing mementos in a box in her bedroom. Her collection of ribbons and medals suggest a lifelong passion for running, but she only began racing last year — at the age of 77.

Paula Lunn submitted this photo of a sunset at the Ringling Bridge Pier.

+ PHOTO GALLERY: The 10th Annual New Balance Ringling Bridge Run
View photos of the 10th annual New Balance Ringling Bridge run.

+ Police investigate fatal crash on Ringling Bridge
Sarasota police are investigating a fatal traffic crash that took place early morning Saturday on the John Ringling Bridge.

+ Cool Today Weather Photo Contest Winner
Heather Johnson took this photo of the John Ringling Bridge in downtown Sarasota.

+ PHOTO GALLERY: New Balance Ringling Bridge Run
View photos of a New Balance Ringling Bridge Run

+ PHOTO GALLERY: 7th annual Sarasota Walk
View photos of the 7th annual Sarasota Walk

+ Ringling Bridge becoming energy efficient
Crews will retrofit streetlights along the Ringling Bridge starting Monday, Sept. 26, creating a more energy efficient stretch of 98 lights along the span of the bridge.

+ Weekly Winner: The Red Eye
Massimiliano Marra submitted this sunset photo, taken from the Ringling Bridge.

+ Photo of the Day: Ringling in the Rain
A seagull tries to fly over the bay near Centennial Park during a rain storm Tuesday afternoon. The rain was so heavy that it was even difficult to see the Ringling Bridge from the nearby park.

+ The sky's the limit for local photogs
Last weekend’s scenic skies inspired local photographers.

+ WEEKLY WINNER: Violet view
Will Dobbin submitted this sunset photo, taken from Golden Gate Point and overlooking the Ringling Bridge.

+ WEEKLY WINNER: Sunny Outlook
Rich Nicoli submitted this sunset photo, taken from the Ringling Bridge and overlooking City Island.

+ Runners keep pace during race
View photos of a Ringling Bridge Run

+ Sarasota Walk brings out walkers and raises awareness
Participants in the Sarasota Walk make their way across the John Ringling Bridge.

+ Sarasota Walk takes steps to fight cancer
When Chantal Diem laces up her sneakers and walks across the Ringling Bridge Nov. 13, she won’t just be going out for her usual morning exercise.

+ Bridge stunts conclude with fiery explosion (WITH VIDEO)
Sanborn Studios filmed the final action scene of its new action TV series "Miami 24/7" Sunday on the John Ringling Bridge.

Runners stride to the finish line
By a margin of just nine seconds, Jeremy Battles, 31, of New York City, set a new First Watch Sarasota Half Marathon course record with a time of 1:11:25 at the fifth annual event.

+ Marathon men and women gear up
Rich Lomas tears up the trail in lemon-yellow sneakers. Leaping from one foot to the other, he hastens the pace while he pushes the stroller where his 15-year-old son, Sammy, is seated.

+ Circus Sarasota aims high with Wallenda stunt
On Oct. 15, 2008, Sarasota native Nik Wallenda walked 150 feet on a high wire suspended 20 stories over the streets in Newark, N.J. After reaching the end of the wire by foot, Wallenda, 30, a seventh-generation circus acrobat and high-wire artist, returned on a bicycle.

+ High winds damage Saprito Fishing Pier
The weekend cold front that blew in with high winds and high surf damaged the Tony Saprito Fishing Pier on the east side of the Ringling Bridge.

+ Youth showcase athletic abilities
With the quickness of a ninja, Sean Morris jumped from a standing position onto a wall beneath the Ringling Bridge, produced a back flip and returned to his original position as part of a demonstration for the ShamRockers USA.


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