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East County Tuesday, Jul. 3, 2018 2 years ago

Borrower shouldn't have lent jack in Bradenton

Interesting Sheriff's Office reports for Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch areas.
by: Jay Heater Managing Editor

June 20


3500 block of 55th Drive East, Bradenton

Petit theft: A woman came to the Sheriff's Office to report she had lent her neighbors a car jack. The women had given the neighbors a ride home because they said they had a flat tire and they told her they needed a car jack to change it. The women lent them a floor jack worth about $100. However, the neighbors didn't return the jack later that day so the women left a note on her neighbors' door with her name and number and saying she needed the jack back. A day later, her note was missing but her neighbors did not return the jack. However, the women learned one of the neighbors had been arrested and that might have delayed her getting her 3-ton jack back. The woman was concerned her jack might have been pawned. The woman was given a victim's rights brochure and a case number.


June 22


36000 block of State Road 70 East, Myakka City

Motor vehicle theft: The Sheriff's Office responded to a man who said his pickup truck had been stolen. The man said his truck has broken down three weeks previously and he left it there. When he returned, the truck was gone. The man had talked to neighbors who said after about 10 days, the truck was seen being loaded on the back of a trailer and taken away. The Sheriff's Office confirmed the vehicle was not taken by a towing service.


June 25


8200 block Villa Grande Court, Sarasota

Unoccupied vehicle burglary: A man reported to the Sheriff's Office that someone entered his parked vehicle at night and rummaged through the center console and glove box. The thief took two pair of sunglasses. One was a prescription Bolle pair valued at $750. The other was a pair of Serengeti sunglasses valued at $400. There were no security cameras in that area and no witnesses. The man reported he also lost about $50 in cash and change.


June 27


3300 58th Avenue Avenue East, Bradenton

Information only: A woman called the Sheriff's Office to report a volunteer at a cat sanctuary took one of the felines home to take it to the vet, but never returned the animal. Upon investigation, a deputy found the accused woman had documentation to prove she had been taking the cat home and then to the veterinary. The woman who reported the possible theft had no proof of ownership for the animal. The deputy informed both women the issue was civil in nature. The woman who reported the possible theft asked the other woman to be trespassed from the property where the cats were sheltered. The deputy explained details of the trespass to the accused woman.

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