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Black Tie and Tales
Black Tie Monday, Oct. 14, 2019 2 years ago

Black Ties & Tales: #CiaoBellas win second Amazing Raise scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt navigator explains her teams success and Visible Men Academy has success with its heart-bowls at its Love Lunch.
by: Harry Sayer Staff Writer

SPARCC’s 2019 Amazing Raise scavenger hunt and Raise the Roof after-party has come and gone, and I, for one, did not realize how much fun it would be. 

Our OMG team might not have won — though we did send a person tumbling into the dunk tank with only three throws — it was still a blast to race across Sarasota and compete in different challenges. 

The real winners of the day were the Fearsome Force — who raised $28,039 for SPARCC — and the #CiaoBellas, who walked away with their second scavenger hunt victory in a row. #CiaoBellas Team member and navigator Umbreen Khalidi-Majeed gave some thoughts on why her group won the gold. 

1. A Can-Do Attitude

The Amazing Raise scavenger hunt is a numbers game — finishing each challenge as quickly as you can is crucial. Which is why #CiaoBellas teammembers agreed to the challenges and started as quickly as possible, every time. 

“Whoever was first in the door said yes to what the challenge was, without even knowing what we were getting into,” Khalidi-Majeed said. “That saves time because there wasn't any discussion. And then the next three people in the door would just do it.”

2. Watching Their Surroundings 

No team plays in a vacuum, and it’s good to use every advantage you have. The CiaoBellas were second in line at an exercise challenge at Mantra Fitness and used that to watch how the team used the equipment. That way when it was their time to start, they knew exactly what to do. 

3. No Fear

Some of the challenges were a little nerve wracking — you try texting while riding a tiny bike without having any noticeable brakes — but it’s good to have a hold on your nerves. Melissa Morsli, for example, jumped at the chance to skip past her gluten allergy and eat some flour-free chocolate cake while blindfolded. 

“She just went to town, she had no strategy but she nailed it,” Khalidi-Majeed said. “We were in and out the door in a minute.”

Khalidi-Majeed also said Morsli was the team’s MVP and honestly, can you blame her?

4. Trust Your Driver

The secret weapon for every team is the driver and it’s important to give them the respect they deserve (Looking at you, George). 

Khalidi-Majeed said Rolland Jet Ford, the CiaoBellas' driver for the second year, understood the spirit of competition and kept the wheels moving and the points coming in. 


Gifts Of Love

The Visible Men Academy’s third annual Love Lunch was, much like the Wu-Tang Clan, for the children. This year’s event, supporting the school’s education programs, highlighted the school’s young students by having five VMA Sun second grade students perform spoken-word poetry for the crowd. 

Two paintings — created by artists Cliff McDonald and Lipstick Lex — were up for auction during the show, but guests could purchase a number of donated jewelry pieces as well. A big draw was a number of heart-shaped bowls called mini masterpieces, which sold fast.

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Harry Sayer is the Black Tie Reporter for the Observer. He is a graduate of the University of Central Florida and previously worked the Black Tie beat for the Observer newspaper in Winter Park and Maitland. You can catch him at one of Sarasota's fundraisers and shindigs. 

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