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Performing Art
"The Boobies" evaluated and wrote personalized assessment of guests appearances at Key to the Cure. Photos by Heather Merriman.
Arts and Entertainment Monday, Oct. 21, 2013 3 years ago

Black Tie Untied

by: Heather Merriman Saba Black Tie Editor

Key to the Cure

At this year's Key to the Cure, the newest entertainment, "The Boobies" were the most popular stop. The completely concealed and anonymous writers look at you and type up a personalized assessment of what they think your look says about you — all in good taste, of course.

Also an exciting moment at the end of the evening, General Manager Joel Ellzey and staff revealed what the new Saks Fifth Avenue store will look like, seen in the renderings.

'A Night of Masquerade' 

The Payton Wright Foundation held "A Night of Masquerade" Saturday, Oct. 19, at The Francis. Guests donned masks and Black Diamond Burlesque provided entertainment throughout the night.

See video below of the evening's entertainment.  

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