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Jody Young kept up with the game.
Arts and Entertainment Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2012 9 years ago

Black Tie & Tales

by: Loren Mayo Black Tie Editor

Tidbits …
Father knows best ... Cooking for a Catholic Cause Co-Chairwoman Terri Klauber was attempting to sneak from the courtyard at Michael’s On East to the restaurant’s bar to grab a drink (apparently this is much faster when the ballroom is full of 300 thirsty guests), when she was called back for a photo with her co-chairs inside the ballroom. A few minutes later, a priest whom she’d never met handed her a glass of champagne, wished her well and darted off to mingle with guests …

What’s the score? ... It’s no secret that the black-tie season coincides with football season, and men will do anything to keep up with stats of their favorite teams. Chris Gurchiek, husband of Cooking for a Catholic Cause Co-Chairwoman Connie Gurchiek, was seen constantly checking his phone for the latest football scores. Jody Young, husband of St. Martha Catholic School Principal Siobhan Young (who is currently on maternity leave), was watching the play-by-play videos on his phone …

Fun facts from the event … “If you don’t know the people at your tables, you’re going to know them by the end of the night,” said Rebecca Blitz, director of development and marketing for St. Martha. “And,” added Phil Mancini, “You’re going to know if they can cook! … ”

Birthday boy … The Rev. Fausto Stampiglia celebrated what is rumored to be his 77th birthday during the event …

Friends forever … Judy Nimz and Phyllis Keyser were photographed together at the Flip Flops & Fashion luncheon and announced while posing that they’ve been friends for 35 years …

Oops, we forgot two! Happy, happy birthday, birthday!
Dolled up in party hats, Jewel Ash and Janet Hunter celebrated their shared birthdays by taking a troupe of girlfriends to lunch Aug. 18, at The Bijou Café. The birthday gals were actually born June 18 — never mind what years. Guests included Gloria Moss, Lee Peterson and Dolly Jacobs-Reis. Owner JP Knaggs and his staff fussed over all the ladies.

First-name basis
Kimberly Manooshian is branching out her friend-and-networking circles by attending more community events, such as Children First’s Flip Flops & Fashion luncheon. When she picked up her nametag — which should have contained her full name of 18 letters — at the event, held Friday at Sharky’s on the Pier, her last name was left off.

“My last name was too long,” Manooshian said. “I’m now on a first-name basis with the organizers — I’ve finally arrived.”

Irony of ironies …
The man who makes audio-visual things happen at virtually all of Sarasota’s big benefits threw a party of his own Aug. 19, at his home-away-from-home, Michael’s On East. Tech Director Brent Greeno celebrated his 40th birthday with more than 100 friends at a “time warp cocktail party.” It was delightful to learn from his self-proclaimed “eulogy” (really, Brent — 40 isn’t even old!) that his life’s work has included wait staff, bartender, restaurant manager, automobile mechanic and more, before Steve Moyers, who owns Sights & Sounds AV, recruited him. Virtually everybody who is anybody in Sarasota event production was there, including Janet and John Hunter, Johnette Cappadona, Jeremy Lisitza, the fearsome foursome of Veronica (and Jay) Brady, Susan Jones, Chris (and Dr. Ken) Pfahler and Sally Schule; Paul and Jennifer Grondahl, Steve Patmagrian, Tracey McCammack, Phil and Kim Mancini, Angie Stringer, Emily Walsh, photographer Peter Acker and girlfriend Laurel Streeter (in Cindy Lauper garb), Carolyn Michel and Howard Millman, Steven Sieg, Sarah Lansky and Mindy Rohan. The irony: When Brent got on stage to speak, the mic didn’t work. But, of course, there was a backup immediately at hand.

Black Tie Affair
When: 6:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 20
Where: Michael’s On East.
Tickets: $200; Call: 366-0461

Jackie Rogers and Penny Hill will once again co-chair Sarasota’s version of “Dancing with the Stars” in the Community Aids Network’s CANDance competition, which will be produced again by former United States ballroom champion Stephen Sieg. But this year’s venue is new; the location has switched from the Chelsea Center to Michael’s On East, upping the max number of guests from 200 to 300. Word on the street is that contestant Phil King has already purchased four tables for the event. First-ever CAN Director of Development Scott George, who is responsible for recruiting King as a dancer, is going all out to make sure the event is going to rock.


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