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Diana E. Kelly boots
Arts and Entertainment Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2012 9 years ago

Black Tie & Tales

by: Loren Mayo Black Tie Editor

+ Tidbits
Musical chairs … Sarasota Ballet Director Iain Webb was spotted with a baffled look on his face as he stood behind the last row of chairs during “RIAF Inspires” opening night. It turned out that his seat had disappeared ... A girl’s gotta eat … Diana Kelly brought out her new Turkish boots to Temple Beth Sholom’s Le Petit Marché, and as BT moved the boots around to photograph them, discovered an egg croissant, which Kelly had carefully tucked away for snacking purposes … What? She’s wearing flats?! ... BT has known Nikki Taylor for a couple of years and has never before seen her without her heels. Taylor went casual for the day and arrived to Le Petit Marché in flats. When she stood next to BFF Jane Thompson, the two were nearly identical in height — Thompson, of course, was in heels … Forever Chanel … Deborah Blue was decked out from head to toe in Chanel, her favorite designer, at RIAF. Check out her fabulous feathered black skirt and Chanel accessories on the Black Tie cover, page 11.

+ A-Climbing she will go!
Wendy Feinstein just returned to Sarasota from Colorado, where she climbed four 13,000-foot mountains and one 14,000-foot mountain. “It’s what I do in the summer,” said Feinstein, who climbed Mount Massive, the second-highest peak in the Rocky Mountains.

On another note, the gorgeous pearl earrings, which have two strands of pearls — one down the front of her ear and one down the back — are a gift from her husband, Jerry.

“He picked them out all by himself,” said Feinstein as she showed them off at “RIAF Inspires” opening night.

+ How much is that dress in the window?
It’s easy for dresses to catch BT’s eye. Patterns, pops of color and — we know you’re already thinking it — anything pink! During a morning bike ride to the farmers market, BT spotted a mannequin all dolled up in a tissue-paper cocktail dress in the window at Write On Sarasota. It was so random and unique that BT couldn’t help but snap a photo and ask owner Eileen Wallace how she came up with the idea.
“Stationery is a fashion accessory,” Wallace said.

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