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Mary Pat Radford, Beth Bobb and Pernilla Mast
Arts and Entertainment Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012 7 years ago

Black Tie & Tales

by: Loren Mayo Black Tie Editor

+ Diamonds are a girl’s best friend
Mary Pat Radford recently wished her friends at Saks Fifth Avenue well and began a new gig with June Simmons Jewery, at The Met. When she returned home after her first day at work, her daughter, Isabelle, asked how it went. What else could Radford tell the smiling child besides “Well, Mommy played with diamonds all day long!”

+ It’s good to be a sole man
A big thanks to Johanna Gustafsson for letting hubby Chris Pinckney be BT’s “Sole Man” at Wine, Women & Shoes. He devoted all of his time and efforts to ensuring the entire table was stocked full of wine bottles and smiling at all times. BT was impressed with the four bottles of wine before her and brought it to the attention of Sally Schule, whose response was: “That’s nothing!” (Check out Schule’s sexy Chanel glitter tattoo in the photo.) A few minutes later, Pinckney brought over two more bottles, followed by Lollicakes, Lilly Pulitzer swag bags, smile after smile and a wowing stage performance — along with the other Sole Men, of course — to “It’s Raining Men.” Each of the sole men participated in a team competition (Pinckney was on the Gucci team) to see who could sell the most wine bottles for Michael’s Wine Cellar. At one point, Pinckney stopped by to check in and upon filling Mary Pat Radford’s glass, informed her, “This wine is hydrating.”

+ Tidbits
Bidding time … the WW&S live auction included trips to San Francisco wine country, France and the Isle of Capri, a Coach bag, and champagne-diamond and leopard-jasper ‘petal earrings’ donated by June Simmons Jewelry …

You’re a heart breaker, dream maker … Ariane Dart, of the Dart Foundation, announced the act for the 2013 Firefly Gala would be Pat Benatar, and nearly every woman in the ballroom went crazy with applause. Come to think of it, they did the same thing when a handsome man walked the runway during the Saks fashion show and lifted up his shirt to show off his six-pack abs …

Head over heels … Aimee Cogan won the award for “best shoes” (Christian Louboutin) at WW&S. “Cutting Edge Wedge” went to Kelly Gettel; “Timeless/Classy” went to Mirasol Proctor; “Fabulous Fringe” went to Sandy Sempler; and “Bootielicious Bootie” went to Liz Murray. Said Cogan, “Next year, I am wearing Havianas so the female population does not hate me” …

All corked up … Although Corey Cowper didn’t win an award for the pair of shoes she made out of wine corks, BT gives her the honorary title of “Creative Corks” …

+ Black Tie Affair
High Tea at High Noon
When: Noon, Thursday, Nov. 15
Where: Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall
Tickets: $60.
Call: 365-3913, Ext. 1124
Planned Parenthood is rounding up all elegant fashion foodies for its fashion event of the season — a champagne reception and high tea luncheon. Chairwoman and chef Judi Gallagher has an abundance of culinary surprises for guests! Visit for information.

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