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Cops Corner
East County Wednesday, Apr. 25, 2018 2 years ago

Beware of another scam in Manatee County

Cops Corner — Interesting Sheriff's Office reports for Lakewood Ranch and Bradenton areas.
by: Jay Heater Managing Editor

April 11


300 block of Golden Harbour Trail, Bradenton

IDENTITY THEFT: Two people reported to the Sheriff's Office they received a call from an unknown person claiming to be from a financial institution. The caller tried to convince the victims to change their address on their account and wanted the information. The victims did give him their information and later learned the man used their identification to apply for three other credit cards in their names that were sent to an address in Ft. Lauderdale. The victims said they cancelled their cards.


April 14


2900 block of Oriole Drive, Sarasota

Petit theft: A woman came into the Sheriff's Office to report her license tag had been stolen off her car a year earlier. The woman said she never reported the theft because she had sold that car. Now the woman is receiving bills for toll violations because a car with her old tag runs through them. She has received three in the mail so far from a white Malibu, which she does not own.


April 14


31st Street Court East and 53rd Avenue East, Bradenton

Driving under the influence: A deputy responded to the scene to help another deputy evaluate a driver for a possible DUI. The driver had been stopped for a tag light violation. The deputy who pulled the driver over noticed the odor of an alcoholic beverage and beer cans in the front seat. The second deputy noticed the driver had slurred speech and bloodshot eyes. He staggered when exiting his vehicle. He then showed more signs of impairment. When placed under arrest by the second deputy and put into the patrol car, the man became belligerent. The man called the deputy a steady stream of obscenities as he drove him to jail. After more obscenities at the jail, the man provided breath samples, which were .171 and .159. The man then became uncooperative and would not answer any more questions.


April 18


600 block of 67th Street Circle East, Bradenton

Trespass warning: A deputy was dispatched to a trespass call from a hotel. Upon arrival, the deputy met with a desk clerk and said a woman saying in one of the rooms came to the front desk and asked to get quarters from a $5 bill. The clerk thought the bill was fake and confirmed it with an identifying pen. The clerk confronted the woman, who said the bill was given to her by a man in her room. The clerk asked the woman to leave the hotel. The woman was trespassed in front of the deputy. She packed and left. The counterfeit bill was placed into property and evidence.




2900 block of 53rd Avenue East, Bradenton

Shoplifting: A department store theft prevention officer called the Sheriff's Office after observing a man going through the store and selecting items before going to the self-service checkout and failing to scan most of the items. The man did pay for two candy bars and nothing else. The man concealed the rest of the items in a plastic bag and left the store. Store security stopped the man and held him for the deputy, who placed him under arrest. The value of the stolen items was $30.64.

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