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Cops Corner
East County Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2018 7 months ago

Best of Cops Corner for Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton areas in 2018

Some of the most interesting Sheriff's Office reports in 2018.
by: Jay Heater Managing Editor

Dec. 5


13000 Adventure Park Lane, Lakewood Ranch

Petit theft: A man called the Sheriff's Office after he found that someone had stolen a diaper bag from his car when he was in the Adventure Park with his children. The man said his driver's license was in the diaper bag.

Dec. 4


3200 block of University Parkway, Sarasota

Trespass warning: The Sheriff's Office was contacted by the manager of a fast food restaurant who had been asking one of the employee's boyfriends not to keep coming to the restaurant to visit. A deputy came to the scene and the manager trespassed the subject. The manager was provided with a case card.

Nov. 21


3900 block of 57th Drive East, Bradenton

Domestic disturbance: Deputies responded after reports of a domestic disturbance. A married couple indicated they had a verbal altercation concerning how the Thanksgiving meal was prepared. Both parties said the dispute did not become physical. The couple agreed to discuss their issues in a calm manner and to avoid further arguments. 

Nov. 6


6290 block of Lake Osprey Drive, Sarasota

Trespass warning: A manager of a tour bus called the Sheriff's Office when a passenger kept using the speaker feature on her cell phone, annoying the other passengers. After being warned six times, the manager called the Sheriff's Office, which sent a deputy to the scene. The manager told the deputy he was in charge of the tour and had the authority to eject passengers. The manager told the woman she was unwelcome on the bus and would be arrested for trespass if she didn't get off the bus. The manager removed her bag from storage and put it outside the bus. The woman's husband was called and told where to pick up his wife. She was upset, but eventually calmed down enough to say she only had been asked once to turn off her speaker. She said she wanted a refund if she had to get off. The deputy informed her she would have to deal with the bus company to pursue a refund.

Aug. 15


5500 block of Lorraine Road, Lakewood Ranch

Call about abused animals: The Sheriff's Office was contacted and told the horses at the listed location were abused and skinny. Upon arrival, a deputy found the horses in question were "12 mini horses" that were in great shape, along with one regular-sized horse in excellent condition. The deputy found five large trash cans filled with feed and a large stall filled with hay on the premises. The horses were fed twice a day and given hay between meals. The deputy found no further investigation was needed.

July 6


3100 block of 53rd Avenue East, Bradenton

Petit theft: A shoe store representative reported a theft to the Sheriff's Office. A man had come into the store and tried on a pair of shoes. The suspect then asked a store employee to go to the store room to find another size. When the employee headed to the back of the store, the man ran out the front door, wearing the new shoes, which were valued at $125. The incident was recorded on the store's surveillance camera.



13000 Mulholland Road, Bradenton

Petit theft: A woman called the Sheriff's Office to report an unknown person had stolen her garbage can. However, the woman was able to collect a video and photo of the incident as it took place. The Sheriff's Office is reviewing the tape, which shows a person stop in front of the victim's home, jump out the passenger side of a pickup truck, grab the garbage can and put it into the back of his truck. Deputies ran the plate on the truck and are pursuing a suspect. A case number was issued to the victim.

March 2


4900 block of Creekside Trail, Sarasota

Battery: A deputy was dispatched to a residence in reference to a battery. The victim said she was at home when another woman was walking her dog and was about to allow it to defecate on the first woman's lawn. The first woman told the woman walking her dog to make sure she cleaned up after her dog. The woman walking the dog started calling the homeowner names and then grabbed the side of her face, causing a small scratch. The injury was barely visible and did not require medical attention. The first woman said she didn't want to press charges but wanted the incident documented. The second woman was contacted and said they had words but nothing physical happened. The deputy advised the second woman to stay away from the first woman's residence.

Feb. 27


7800 block of Rosehall Circle, Bradenton

Lost Property: The man called the Sheriff's Office after his wife could not find her $12,500 wedding ring. She said she had been working with cooking oil so the ring could have fallen into the recycle bin or somewhere else in the house. The insurance company requested a report be made to law enforcement.

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