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Cops Corner
East County Thursday, Dec. 22, 2011 6 years ago

BEST OF COPS 2011: East County


Since the East County Observer launched Cops’ Corner in August 1999, it has consistently been one of the most beloved features in the paper. It seems readers never tire of reading about what kind of mischief is happening in our community.

So, as we celebrate another year, we have compiled the most outrageous entries of 2011.

Jan. 12
12:45 p.m. — 8300 block of Lockwood Ridge Road. Trespass warning. The female suspect was seen placing a headband on her head in the accessories area and walking out of the store.

Jan. 12
10:04 p.m. — 4600 block of Summer Oak Avenue. Battery. The two subjects got into an argument over their dogs’ barking habits. The argument became physical when they grabbed each other in mutual combat.

Feb. 6
11:50 a.m. — 5500 block of Lakewood Ranch Boulevard. Information: disturbance. The responding deputy arrived at the scene in response to a disturbance. According to a witness, two members of opposing soccer teams got involved in a verbal argument over the game. The verbal argument turned physical when the Hispanic male player struck the other white male player on his face. Both subjects began fighting. Another white male broke up the fight. The first white male player took off his shirt and began running in an attempt to keep the fight going.

Feb. 9
1:30 p.m. — 31900 block of Clay Gully Road. Information only. The responding deputy received a letter sent to the sheriff’s office from the Mossy Hammock Homeowners Association in reference to some shooting going on in an orange grove next door to the subdivision. The deputy made contact with the manager of the Keystone grove, who advised it would not happen again.

Reported Feb. 23
2:07 p.m. — 8400 block of Cooper Creek Boulevard. Telephone harassment. An unknown male has called the dentist office several times a day. The suspect either says nothing or requests the Social Security number of the employee who answers.

March 8
4:11 p.m. — 8300 block of Market Street. Theft. An unknown white male in his 50s or 60s approached the victim while she was shopping at the grocery store. The suspect distracted her by telling her he was throwing a party and didn’t know what kind of cheese to buy. He then asked if she could help him. The victim agreed, and as they were looking at the cheese, another suspect took the victim’s shopping cart, which contained her purse, and pushed it down a nearby aisle. When the victim realized her cart was missing, the first suspect pretended to help by pointing down a different aisle.

March 16
10:30 p.m. — 200 block of 36th Street N.E. Found property (marijuana). The complainant was walking his dog, and when he arrived home, he found a plastic bag containing marijuana.

May 6
3:10 p.m. — 2900 block of 53rd Avenue East. Petit theft. The complainant stated she saw the suspect with a spray gun box, which he was ripping open. She said the suspect removed the spray gun from the box and concealed it down the front of his jeans. She stated he concealed the sprayer can from the box in his right front pocket and a roll of tape in his back pocket.

May 22
3 p.m. — 7200 block of 85th Street Court East. Found property. The complainant stated while he was canoeing on the Braden River, he found a black bag in the water that contained a handgun.

June 19
8 p.m. — 4300 block of Drake Boulevard E. Information. The complainant reported unknown person(s) entered her yard and took a skateboard ramp. She later called back to advise that she found the ramp around the corner. When the deputy arrived at the suspect’s residence, the owner stated his son took the ramp because he thought the complainant moved.

Reported June 27
3:20 p.m. — 6700 block of 65th Terrace E. Suspicious circumstances. The complainant stated she owns the residence but hasn’t lived there since Jan. 23. During a periodic stop at the residence, she noticed items moved around and two holes in a bedroom wall. On June 27, she returned and found more damage, food eaten and liquids thrown on the walls. The bedroom holes also had been repaired. The brush, spackle can and tray were still inside.

June 27
2:35 p.m. — 2900 block of 53rd Avenue East. Retail petit theft. The juvenile was observed putting on a pair of shoes and concealing condoms down the front of his pants.

June 28
12:20 a.m. — 8300 block of Lockwood Ridge Road. Petit theft. Unknown person(s) removed the victim’s front driver’s side tire and lug nuts and replaced it with a flat spare tire.

Reported July 4
7:05 a.m. — The intersection of Pope Road and Center Ice Parkway. Grand theft. Unknown person(s) stole storm sewer grates from the roadway on Pope Road and Center Ice Parkway.

July 29
1:05 a.m. — 11200 block of Marigold Drive. Criminal mischief. The complainant reported an unknown white male egged her residence. She stated it was the same male with whom she had a conflict on the previous night. In that incident, the suspect and another male swore at her and dropped their pants and showed her their backsides.

July 31
9:52 p.m. — 8900 block of Manor Loop. Information only. The complainant reported the male suspect has been giving her looks for the past several days.

Reported Oct. 4
1 p.m. — 41400 block of State Road 64 E. Trespass on property. Unknown person(s) opened a gate to the victim’s swine pen, allowing the victim’s last swine to escape. The swine’s approximate weight is 300 pounds. The victim said he believes the swine is at large.

Oct. 16
4:27 p.m. — 8201 Championship Court Battery. The victim stated he confronted a group of golfers when one of them broke one of his roof tiles with a golf ball. When he asked for payment, the suspect golfer pushed him to the ground.

Dec. 4
12:01 a.m. — 4400 block of Sanibel Way. Information. The complainant called in reference to a large party next door. The previous occupants of the residence moved out a few days prior but said they were throwing one last party. Upon the deputy’s arival, at least 100 people fled the scene, and another 150 people remained.

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