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State Sen. Mike Bennett, left, said he looks forward to traveling and fishing following his term in the Florida Senate.
Sarasota Tuesday, Jun. 14, 2011 6 years ago

Bennett will not run for U.S. Congress


BRADENTON — State Sen. Mike Bennett announced he will not run for U.S. Congress.

In a statement issued June 13, Bennett said: “Since expressing interest in running for Congress a few weeks ago, my wife, Dee, and I have been traveling the district meeting with supporters and donors. In these conversations, I have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of support and confidence my community has shown me. However, during this time, Dee and I have had many discussions regarding the ‘fire in the belly’ that is required of running a federal campaign.

"In all honesty, I quickly realized that the 'fire' I was feeling was heartburn over constant fundraising, travel and the other demands of running for federal office," he said. "Traveling the world and fishing are candidly things I'm looking forward to catching up on when my term in the Florida Senate comes to an end. Watching all that is going on in Washington and knowing the constant fight that is required to make a difference there, I have decided to no longer pursue my bid for Congress."

However, Bennett noted this likely would not be the end of his political career.

“Let me be clear: Is this the end of my life in politics?" he said. "You all know me better than that.”

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