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East County Saturday, Mar. 24, 2018 2 years ago

Bean there, won that

Library group seeks leadership
by: Amelia Hanks Community Reporter

Bean there,
won that

Brooke Decillis, a 10-year-old Greenbrook resident, pleaded with her family to stay longer at the Eggstravaganza event March 24 at the Greenbrook Adventure Park sponsored by Lakewood Ranch Community Activities.

The New Gate student had a feeling she might win the East County Observer’s annual jellybean contest. She was right.

Brooke (above) guessed there were 1,212 jellybeans in the jar. The actual count was 1,209. Because she stayed a bit longer, she took home a whole lot of candy.


Library group seeks leadership

The new Friends of the Library group for Lakewood Ranch’s future library is on the hunt for board members.

Friends group co-organizer Sue Ann Miller (above), of Bridgewater, said the group’s long-term task will be to support the library through fundraising.

For now, it still needs leadership, and the organizing committee is ready to find board members. To request an application form, contact Miller at [email protected].

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