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Sarasota Thursday, Aug. 12, 2010 9 years ago

BACK TO SCHOOL 2010: The Talented Trio: The Williams Sisters

by: Stephanie Hannum Managing Editor

When you hear the term the Williams sisters, you immediately think of tennis greats Serena and Venus. But, the Sarasota Williams sisters will alter your perception of the term, because these ladies are a triple threat. Three sisters. Three violins. Three athletes. Three exceptional students. Three talented young women.

Morgan Williams, 15, is an 11th-grader; Victoria Williams, 14, is a 10th-grader; and Catherine Williams, 12, is an eighth-grader — all at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School, in Bradenton.

Inspired by the music teacher at their previous school, all three sisters have been playing the violin for eight years.

“Out of all the instruments I’ve played, the violin is the easiest to start playing,” says the youngest, Catherine.

The girls practice at Allegro Music Academy — once a week individually and once a week as a trio — as well as individually at home.

“This is a skill I want to keep the rest of my life,” says Morgan. “It’s nice to have when you have nothing to do and it’s a great stress reliever if you’re ever upset.”

The girls, who spent three years as a part of the Sarasota Orchestra’s Youth Orchestra, prefer to perform as a trio. They have even performed at five weddings in the past year.

“We like to perform well and we always feel good if we do so,” said Victoria. “It is a nice experience to see a wedding from a different point of view.”

As they prepare for a fundraising concert at a local mall in an hour, the girls are composed and not even the tiny bit nervous.

“Whatever happens, happens. You just have to play your best and that’s all that matters,” says Morgan. “If people smile, that’s even better.”

It’s clear that Morgan, Victoria and Catherine are well rounded, cultured individuals when they talk about enjoying visiting other countries. And, just when it seems the Williams girls have enough on their plate, they add that they all play sports — cross country, track and volleyball, respectively — and are learning Russian. Yes, Russian.

My favorite memory was the eighth-grade school trip to Boston, because I was rooming with three of my best friends — we couldn’t sleep at all — we were having so much fun. Going from eighth grade to ninth grade is something I won’t forget for a long time. — Morgan Williams

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