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Sarasota Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2009 11 years ago

Atwell suggests new evaluation of city manager

by: Robin Roy City Editor

Calling the current method of evaluating Sarasota’s city manager “shabby,” Commissioner Suzanne Atwell proposed hiring a consultant to help in the evaluation process.

“The present system relies too much on a clumsy numeric ratings system,” Atwell said. “Too much emphasis is placed on this approach than on systematic interviews.”

Atwell said the numeric evaluation was then presented to the city manager during a live, televised meeting.

“It’s unprofessional and embarrassing to the city,” she said. “There’s no opportunity for the city manager to respond to the commission or the survey results.”

She proposed having a consultant interview city staff, prepare a written report based on those interviews and deliver the report during a commission meeting.

Atwell’s four fellow commissioners did not share her view and decided to stay with the present method of evaluation.

“Perhaps we get consultant fever,” Kirschner said. “We want to look to outside counsel. We are elected to hire and fire the city manager.”

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