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Photo by Pam Eubanks
As attorneys, Lesa and Trent Miller have represented their clients during mediations. Now, they have become certified mediators. They plan to continue practicing law and also to mediate at their new facility.
Siesta Key Wednesday, Jul. 23, 2014 3 years ago

Attorneys build neutral ground

by: Pam Eubanks Senior Editor

EAST COUNTY — During the last year, Trent and Lesa Miller have negotiated more matters than they thought possible.

As parents to four children, the local attorneys also have become contract negotiators, construction supervisors, marketing experts and certified mediators — all as part of a master plan for their newest venture — The Florida Mediation and Conference Center.

The center, located at 887 62nd Street Circle E. in the K Center plaza, opened Tuesday. It features eight small conference rooms, three large conference rooms, a training room and a mock courtroom that can be used for jury consultants for witness preparation and training purposes.

Trent Miller performed his first mediation at the facility about a week before it opened.

“It was just as we hoped,” Trent Miller said, noting the building’s setup allows the mediating parties to meet together and then separate into opposite sides of the building, each with their own bathroom and other facilities. “The place you do (mediation) can have a big impact. Keeping the parties apart and not running into each other is far more conducive to a positive result.”

Mediations typically are held at attorney offices, making one party feel disadvantaged, Lesa Miller said.

As part of the mediation center’s offerings, the Millers are working to create a list of mediators as a resource to the community. Mediators can become affiliates of the center, as well.

For now, the Millers plan to staff the mediation center with staff from their law practices.

Two adjacent office buildings are available for lease, too. The buildings are being marketed to mediators and other industry professionals who may need office space near the facility.

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