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East County Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2012 5 years ago

Athlete of the Week: Skylar Jungers

by: Jen Blanco Sports Editor

The Out-of-Door Academy eighth-grader Skylar Jungers scored seven goals in three games last week, to lead the Lady Thunder to a 3-0 record. The 13-year-old forward scored two goals in an 8-0 victory over Bayshore Nov. 13; four goals in an 8-0 victory over Admiral Farragut Nov. 14; and one goal in a 4-0 victory over Northside Christian Nov. 15.

Why do you think you have seen so much success this season?
I think the team works well together getting the ball up the field to me, and then I’m just able to keep going with it.

What are your goals for this season?
I just want to try and help the team out the best I can and score as many goals as I can.

How does it feel to score a goal?
It feels good knowing everyone is proud of you and giving you high-fives on the field.

What do you enjoy the most about soccer?
The teamwork and being on a team. You know everyone is there for you and you aren’t alone on the field.

What is the toughest part about soccer?
The conditioning. In soccer, you have to have a lot of endurance. If you can’t run for a long time, then you can’t get to the ball.

Do you have a favorite subject?
History. It’s the only thing that interests me. You actually learn about things.

Do you have any siblings?
I have a brother, Carson, and two sisters, Alex and Jaden.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Australia. I heard it’s cool.

What is your favorite iPhone app?
Instagram. I like the pictures people put on it.

Do you have a favorite type of music?
I’ve always liked country.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t playing soccer?
I like to go to the beach and to amusement parks.

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