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Meet this week's athlete of the week: Sean Dulom
Sarasota Thursday, Feb. 16, 2012 5 years ago

Athlete of the Week: Sean Dulom

by: Rachel S. OHara Staff Photographer

Sarasota High senior Sean Dulom, 18, will compete in the Class 3A State Tournament this weekend at the Lakeland Center in Lakeland. Dulom has competed in states before, but he believes this is his year. He hopes to bring home a state title for the school. Dulom, who has been wrestling for nine years, took second place in the 145-pound division at regionals.

How did you get into wrestling?
When I was in third grade, my older brother’s best friend started wrestling in middle school, and he would come over and try moves on us. I thought, “I want to do that.” He started teaching me moves in our living room.

What is one of your favorite things in wrestling?
I love when you get to take a guy down. Once you break his will and take his spirit out of him and he rolls over and you get to pin him — that’s my favorite.

Do you have a favorite move?
Cradle. It was the first move I learned. I put a kid to sleep in it actually — on accident! I would never do it on purpose. It is a move that will end the match.

What are some of your biggest accomplishments in wrestling?
Last year in December, I won a national title (Dixie Nationals in Atlanta, Ga.), and I was a state qualifier last year. I should have been in the finals, but that didn’t happen.

How are you preparing yourself for states?
I am driving to a few different schools, to get in some practice with tough kids, and practicing with my friend who goes to Southeast, Larry Cannon. He will be at states as well in the 138-weight division. A healthy diet is important. I make sure to eat three regular meals and a few snacks. I run a few miles with my assistant coach, Clay Lux, every morning, and he wrestles me every day in practice. If not for him, I wouldn’t be in this position.

Do you hope to wrestle in college?
Yes, definitely. I don’t know where yet. My coach has been talking to Luke Moffett at Iowa Central, a junior college. I hope to go to junior college for two years and then transfer up to a Division I school. I want to work on my grades and then go up. Grades are important. University of Iowa is my dream school, but you have to be a machine, an animal, to even make the team.

What drives you to wrestle?
Ever since I was little, I have been really competitive, and in wrestling, you have to want it. I want to be at the top of the podium in anything I do, and it is so hard in wrestling. But you get out of it what you put into it. The sport is very demanding and takes a lot from you.

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