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East County Wednesday, Jul. 29, 2009 8 years ago

Athlete of the Week: Myah Moy

by: Jen Blanco Sports Editor

It’s hard to imagine a time when 10-year-old Myah Moy wasn’t running around with a softball glove on her hand.

Well before she was even old enough to play, Moy would venture out to the ballpark with her two older sisters in hopes that she would get a chance to swing the bat or catch a few balls.

She finally began playing T-ball when she was 5 years old, and since then, the Suncoast Storm 10U shortstop and catcher has become even more enthralled with the sport.

“It’s fun,” Moy said. “You get a lot of exercise, and you have a lot of friends out at the softball field because there are always a lot of people out here.”

Moy joined her Suncoast Storm traveling team three years ago and has become one of the team’s most valuable players both on the field and at the plate. Last month, Moy maintained a .500 batting average and a .690 on base percentage.

“I like batting because I get to hit the ball and run and score,” Moy said. “This season I’ve been hitting (a lot of) line drives.”

Predominantly a shortstop, Moy began catching while playing on her 12U recreational team after her coach noticed she had potential. Moy began catching in practice and has worked her way into the Suncoast Storm rotation as both a shortstop and a catcher.

“She makes plays,” Suncoast Storm coach T.J. Goelz said. “Myah not only makes the routine plays she also makes the great plays. Some of the best plays our team has made this year Myah has been a part of.”

And although Moy admits she enjoys playing both positions, shortstop will always be at the top of her list.

“In 10U, they hit a lot of softballs to you,” Moy said. “I still need to work on when I catch because people that are stealing … I’ve got to keep the ball lower because I throw it too high.”

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