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Cops Corner
East County Wednesday, May 23, 2018 2 years ago

And there's the one that got away

Cops corner
by: Jay Heater Managing Editor

May 4


6100 block of Honore Avenue, Bradenton

Prowling: Two scooters without lights were observed exiting Chaparrale Avenue to Honore Avenue by a Sheriff's Office deputy. When the scooters, ridden by a male and female, saw the patrol car, they attempted to flee. However, as they scooted away, they crashed into each other. One of the riders then attempted to drive away on one of the scooters while the other jumped on the back, but they failed to maintain control and dropped the scooter again. They fled on foot. K-9 and watch units assisted in the search and the male was arrested and transported to jail. The female was not located.

May 5


7400 block of West Country Club Drive North, Sarasota

Suspicious circumstances: A homeowner contacted the Sheriff's Office because he received a package at his home that was delivered because of the "return to sender" address on the package. The man said he never sent the package and knew nothing about it. He opened the package because it had his address written on it and it contained two small plastic bags containing an unknown white substance. The homeowner thought it was a narcotic and contacted the Sheriff's Office. The two plastic bags were collected and deposited into property and evidence.

May 12


100 block of 52nd Avenue East, Bradenton

Criminal mischief: An unknown person cut the ropes and removed an American flag that was flying above a mobile home park. The thief caused $150 worth of damage in stealing the flag, which was worth $50. The victim was provided with a case number.

May 13


500 block of Hunter Lane, Bradenton

A woman alerted the Sheriff's Office after she set her phone and driver's license on the back of her husband's car just before he drove away. By the time they realized it, the phone and driver's license were gone. The woman was given a lost/stolen driver's license affidavit.

May 16


5500 block of County Road 675, Bradenton

Suspicious circumstances: The Sheriff's Office was contacted about a strange man who had been showing up at a local produce stand and bothering customers. Some of the female shoppers said he was making them feel uncomfortable. The man has been telling customers he is a therapist who works at a local hospital. But he also has asked store employees if they have any positions open for pickers in the field. The man also hands out religious pamphlets. A deputy asked produce stand employees to call next time he shows up so he can be trespassed from the property.

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