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Longboat Key Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009 8 years ago

After 32 years, gifts flood in for public works manager


Neil Martin once told Public Works Project Manager James Linkogle:

“Building in a flood plane is like pitching a tent in the middle of the highway and expecting no cars to come.”

It was 2003, and Hurricane Isabel had struck. Linkogle, who was about to start working for the town, never forgot Martin’s words of wisdom.

Martin, who retired as public works operation manager Oct. 1 after 32 years of service to the town, celebrated at a party Wednesday, Sept. 30, at the Public Works building. Town employees sent him off with parting gifts to remind him of his time on Longboat Key to enjoy in retirement, including “Family Guy” pajamas, a jumbo martini glass, a miniature model of the Longboat Key Public Works building and a Longboat Key 50th anniversary with “Neil Martin” and “32” added.

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