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Arts and Entertainment Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2012 6 years ago

About Last Night ...

by: Loren Mayo Black Tie Editor

By the time we left the Circus Sarasota Gala Friday, my boyfriend had gotten his face painted with neon green cartoon glasses and big pouty Jessica Rabbit lips; my eyebrows and cheeks were lit up in gold and turquoise shimmer paint. We were both so awestruck from the high-flying Roman rings and contortion performances that we couldn’t stop smiling.

Standouts of the evening …
Barely recognizable was Chuck Sidlow. Outfitted in an Oriental top and hot pink pants, his face paint was eerily reminiscent of The Joker.

Ray Peper
sashayed into the Big Top and was fabulously costumed (as always) as a ferocious dragon, clawing his large talons through the air.

Vicki Hornberger
couldn’t have looked lovelier in her deep-pocketed red dress by German designer Mashiah.

At the Forks and Corks Grand Tasting Sunday, BFFs and shopaholics Beverly Marsh, Barbara Kelly, Elle McComb and Nancy Snell were seen gallivanting around the Ringling Museum Courtyard together and having a jolly good time doing so.


Spotted from afar, Lynn Barrie’s neck was draped in … was it rope? Lynn says she made a trip to Mexico, and whether the accessory is a necklace or a scarf, she’s not sure — but she wears it as both. Recently out to eat at a restaurant, a woman approached Lynn and told her how amazing her hair looked in braids after mistaking her necklace for a new type of ’do.


Catch up on the superstar performances — contortion, hat juggling and Roman rings — from the Circus Sarasota Gala in the video below. See all photos from the Circus Sarasota Gala and Forks and Corks online at under Black Tie.



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