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Edith Barr-Dunn and Dora Walters
Longboat Key Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2013 4 years ago

93 and counting


+ 93 and counting
When longtime Longboat Key businesswoman and Sarasota resident Edith Barr Dunn turned 80, she donated $100 to the birthday pot at the Longboat Key Kiwanis Club. That was $20 more than what it is typically expected — $1 dollar for every birthday.

“I thought I’d put that extra $20 in as a gift, thinking I’d never reach 100,” Barr-Dunn said. “But I’ve kept putting in $100 every year since.”

This past Sunday, Oct. 20, Barr-Dunn celebrated her 93rd birthday.

“I don’t walk too well anymore,” she told us. “But I can sure drive.”


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