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Sam Von Duhn, Ryan Roberts and Tony Musca pose with their giant catch.
Longboat Key Wednesday, Apr. 23, 2014 3 years ago

12-year-old tourists catch 692-pound mako shark


Tony Musca, Ryan Roberts and Sam Von Duhn have quite the shark tale.

On Wednesday afternoon, they caught a 692-pound mako shark approximately 20 miles off of Longboat Pass in 100-foot water during a fishing trip with Double Nickel Charters.

The 12-year-olds who are vacationing with their families from Bay View, Ohio were catching amberjack when they spotted the shark. They rigged a shark line and used the amberjack as bait before they finally reeled in the ferocious fish after a 30-minute fight.

“We were surprised by how big it was,” Tony said.

The charter boat returned to Cortez Bait & Seafood late that afternoon, and the shark was weighed at Cortez Kitchen nearby.

“They have a good fish story,” said Jeff Roberts, Ryan’s dad.

Charter boat Nick Froelich said it’s the third shark Double Nickel Charters has caught this year.

“This is the sharkiest year we’ve ever seen,” he said.

If the shark had been caught commercially, the meat could fetch $4 to $5 per pound. But when because the shark was caught recreationally, the meat will not be sold.

“We pass it out and give it to a lot of different people,” Froelich said. “Last time, we had a dock party open to anyone. Very little goes to waste.”

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