Le Bell Canto by June LeBell

Le Bell Canto

Music and merry making in Sarasota.

by June LeBell

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Who’s on first … ?

We found out how the Sarasota Orchestra musicians spend their summer vacations.

Home Town Orchestra

Carnegie Hall celebrated its 120th anniversary tonight and it took me back, so far, I might as well be out on a limb with Shirley MacLaine.

Audience Behavior

June LeBell writes a little note about audience behavior and protocol.

Nutcracker Sweets

As a singer, I always knew that great music and wonderful food went hand in hand so the idea of interviewing famous classical and Broadway performers who loved to cook (and eat) and well-known chefs and restaurateurs who loved great music seemed like a natural recipe for a successful program.

On and Off Stage

June LeBell wonders about one of the Sarasota Orchestra's traditions.

'An Accidental Musical Encounter'

This e-mail funny was sent to me by my friend Robert White, one of the world's great tenors.

Calling All Singers ... Something You Should Know

Gloria Musicae is about to hold auditions for the 2010-2011 season and, if you're a good singer with sight-reading skills and a love of great music, you could have fun and get paid for it, too.

Calling all dogs ...

June LeBell considers having her dogs audition for Crab the dog in Shakespeare's "The Two Gentlemen of Verona."

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Play

Some of the conversation in the audience at FST's "Family Secrets" was almost as good as what Carolyn Michel was giving us from the stage.

'The Sounds of Music'

June LeBell talks about warming up for her upcoming Gloria Musicae audition.

About June LeBell

Sarasota is now my home but I will always remember my roots in the upper west side of Manhattan. It's where I learned to love good music, great food and fascinating people. I had the good fortune to make a 30-year career as a staff announcer and "On Air Personality" with WQXR radio, interview hundreds of the greatest classical music performers and learn from them about the things I love. Along the way, I wrote for Gourmet Magazine, the New York Times, Ovation, Stage Bill and many other periodicals I once thought I'd only get to read. Now, living with my husband (an opera conductor and music administrator) and our two dogs — Lily and Rosy — here in Sarasota, and continuing my exciting life in music, I'm very excited about sharing my passions with you. I've never been so happy and enthusiastic about life. It's an enthusiasm that's positively contagious and I hope that my writing will make you catch it!

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