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  • Dear Editor:
    I recently learned of Lee County, Sarasota County and Manatee County pulling their extra funds together to the sum of ONE MILLION (PLUS $$$ . . . ) to sink The Mohawk WW2 vessel off Sanibal Island to create a man made coral reef. I didn’t realize any of these counties have extra funds? I keep hearing of how our counties are going broke!
    Answer me this . . . would it not make more sense to sink the abandoned boat (s) that remain dilapidated and sinking at our coasts’ edge creating an eye sore (which may I remind you tax payers will have to pay to have removed) than to take a monument to the legacy of the United States of America and pay this absorbent amount from taxes already paid for the same result . . . a man made coral reef?
    The Mohawk currently sits in the harbor in Key West adjacent to the Coast Guard behind The Ingham which is also a WW2 vessel. Both these ships are museum pieces with a wealth of history and heart felt memories for veterans and their family who have served. Key West has graciously hosted The Mohawk and diligently through contributions tried to restore the only ship remaining of her kind.
    Contributions in today’s economy are sparse and the Mohawk needs only $400,000.00 to keep her afloat at her current home. Wouldn’t it be wiser for our counties to save at least half of our tax dollars and donate to history? The remaining (extra . . .? . . . agricultural $$$) can still be used to clean up our coastlines and preserves!
    Keeping The Mohawk alive with her stories to tell and the scars she can show is worth more to me and the taxes I pay than to sink her into the depths of the waters from which she has eluded thus far.

    Karen A. Sladewski

  • karen sladewski
    Tue 15th Nov 2011
    at 7:01pm
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