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  • I think your piece on the Anti-American president was EXACTLY ON POINT. THANK YOU.

    I am TIRED of the "sheeple" - the lemmings willing to go over the cliff because they're so busy admiring the Emperor's New Clothes they have become blind to his nudity.

    Thank you.
  • Dawn Olson
    Sat 10th Nov 2012
    at 4:48pm
  • 2.
  • I was disappointed to see your divisve viewpoint a few weeks ago on President Obama. I do respect your opinion and it will not change my view of your rag. What I am amazed at is what a joke America has become. Our politics has made us the laughing stock of the free world. The intolerance for others and their views, Racism cloaked in the the American flag, lies, deceipt all in the name of trying to prove a point. President Obama is no more un-American than anyone else. The left have idiots and so do the right, get over it. We are all Americans. There are good viewpoints on both sides. If you are a racist or a homophobe get over than too. We are quickly becoming a nation of hypocrits. Some advice if I may....get off your couch and travel to another country. Go to Canada for example. A country that has continued to churn out one of the best economies in the world and yet if far more regulated and taxed than we are here. And listen to others points of view. Hannity and Limbaugh and paid big $$ to sensationalize material. If you think that is news or it is your only source of news check yourself. I don't turn to Entertainment Tonight and they are one in the same. Lastly be accepting, forgiving and for those of you that are Christians, is that what Christianity is all about?
  • Terry Hutchenson
    Thu 9th Aug 2012
    at 6:08pm
  • 3.
  • You sure got those liberals all fired up. No more ads from the Democrats. Wow!
  • Lee Pokoik
    Wed 25th Jul 2012
    at 9:54pm
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